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Into the Dream

Best Practices for Proving (and Improving) Your Precognitive Dreams

Dream journaling is an essential and useful tool

In 2018, I interviewed scientist and author Dr. Dean Radin upon the publication of his book Real Magic. At the time, I was occasionally interviewing authors for a newspaper, but I was super excited for this one as it was the first time I would interview a parapsychology…




A resource library for people interested in deep diving into dreams

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Today, like every other day, I walked in the field held between round mountain ridges.

This is what happened when feelings spoke to me with a force and it was hard to resist

Me: Sucker for Sunsets (Author’s Photo), Divyata Dewan, May 28th, 2022 ©

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Jen Sonstein Maidenberg

Jen Sonstein Maidenberg

Healthfully obsessed with dreams, time, music, memory, & love. 💞 Dreamworker, researcher, writer, mother.

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