A Letter to My Former Investors

I know I blew all that cash the first time around, but can we try again?

I sent this email a few hours ago to the investors at Sales Beach. My co-founder and the rest of the board fired me for being mentally ill.

I’ve been busy. Since Sales Beach imploded, I’ve been actively looking for the next opportunity to work with all of you again and learn from the heaping pile of garbage Sales Beach turned into.

Last week I joined Knkt’d. They’re helping psychiatrists and other behavioral health providers increase engagement with their patients in a way that allows them to provide better care and take on more patients. It’s SaaS. They have security and HIPPA stuff figured out. More than a handful of hospitals and thousands of patients are using it. We have three customers: patients, providers, and insurers.

Patients get better care.

Providers make more money and provide better outcomes.

Insurance companies pay out less in emergency behavioral health incidents. (This is the ‘if you catch cancer early you can prevent the big expenses’ parable, just switch out cancer for psychosis)

Matt Holland, the CEO, will send you the latest on the company, including the deck, our traction, team, and all the trappings of a startup deck.

Since joining the company, I’ve bolstered the product team and advisory board substantially. Just yesterday, we brought on Jason Jardim as Head of iOS Development. Jason was with Chris & Alex and myself when Life360 had under 15 employees. His work on the iOS app helped bring on Life360s first 50m users, in addition to making significant improvements to retention and engagement over the years. Most recently he was an overpaid and under utilized asset at Intel.

We’re also happy to have Tara Planas & Matt Stucky on the product team — I’ve worked with them for the last year and I assure you they’re both excellent. Tara is a scary smart developer with a passion for test driven development, and Matt is one of the most competent designers I’ve worked with. I’m able to describe how something could look and he’ll go away for a few hours and come back with what I had in my head. But his version is in HD and just better.

While I haven’t gotten final commitments in place from Marc Bouwer and Peter Marston, they’re both interested in potentially joining the advisory board. Having someone like Peter who is a board certified psychologist with experience building, assessing, and coaching high performance executive teams is crucial to our success.

We are raising a small family and friends round prior to joining an accelerator so I can work on this full time and continue making the moves we need through August.

(It’ll be one of those things where you could invest today and 2–3x it before the end of the year. Would also like input on the best way to do this.)

I’ve recommended 500 startups, not only do I owe them money (half joking) but Matt Holland will benefit greatly from the experience and exposure.

This is the best opportunity and cause I’ve been a part of. I hope you’ll read the information Matt sends you following this email. As Anakin Skywalker once said:

This is where the fun begins.



P.S. You can iMessage me at timschwab@me.com