A Visit To The Doctor In The Future

I suffer from major darkness illness

I sent myself to a doctor in the future because I am feeling like shit right now. I have the darkness troubles. I have no energy and my life force is diminished. My brain feels heavy, sluggish and does not resemble me anymore. I have grown to hate being alive but I do not know why. I have tried everything but am clueless why the darkness lingers within my body.

So I went to see a doctor in the future.

Here’s how my doctor visit went:

Doctor: What do you feel?

Me: I feel like my life force has left me and all there is left is darkness. Nothing makes me happy anymore. I mean, absolutely nothing. My drugs don’t work anymore either.

Doctor: Describe an average day for you.

Me: I drive 45 minutes to work. I sit in a rectangle space alone, typing in stuff I feel is unimportant. I eat in a fluorescent-lit larger square by myself. After this goes on for eight hours, I drive myself back to my place which is a medium-sized square. I always feel tired after work, and I don’t have much time, so I distract myself by looking at a tiny bright screen that sends me electric messages from people I like. And sometimes, I engage in looking at simulated electronic people exchanging their life forces. This activity makes me feel temporarily happy. But I immediately go back to feeling like darkness when these tiny activities are over.

Doctor: I need to take a look at your subconscious and dream files so I can understand you as as a whole person. Did you upload your dream and sub files to our site?

Me: Yes

Doctor: In your dream files it appears you have many wonderful tools all around you. But it seems you never use them because you are afraid of what others would say if you used them incorrectly. You feel shame in your dreams. But you also sometimes feel unending joy when you are rewarded for being an intelligent creature. You crave this kind of recognition. Also, you crave power because you feel that power is in the hands of the wrong people. You see yourself as instrumental in redistributing the existing energy and power in the world. But you still feel this odd and potent shame.

Look at this dream, with the pile of jelly-like blue mounds in the center of a table. That is you snorting up the blue jelly. It makes your brain swim in feelings that are pure and shame-free. It’s your way of getting back to the child you were, when you didn’t have this darkness within you. It’s a time before the sociopath transferred his dark energy to your most delicate internal organs.

When you snort the blue jelly, you get plenty of interaction with other people, plenty of sex, status and plenty of self-expression. But without the jelly, you’re blocked. The energy is backed up and is causing the darkness to build up. You have trauma from the past. We need to remove those blocks and restore your mind to the one it was before your delicate and intricate internal systems were given the darkness energy.

The darkness has infected the channels and made movement impossible. You have connected pain to your energy channels and I see your internal organs have become hypersensitive and are in a constant state of flaking. Your energy is leaking out of your channels and wreaking havoc on your organs. Your emotional center is wrapped in thick numbing blankets just to keep you alive and functioning. The reason you have no energy is because your body is in shut-down mode. It’s trying hard to recirculate the remaining energy. But it’s futile because of all the energy leaks.

I need you to come up with a list of things that make you feel good that create almost the same feeling in your brain as when you’re snorting the blue jelly. Here, let me download some scenarios so you can feel what other people feel when they’re engaged in activities that make their brains feel good. Put on this VR goggle.

Me: Oh yes, I remember that feeling. I remember what it felt like when someone I greatly admired leaned into me and transferred their good energy. I feel it. It’s wonderful. The stricken walls of my interior channels are repairing themselves. I can feel it.

Doctor: I see here in your memories you loved writing to your penpals. You freely gave your joy to others. You wanted to learn how to make holographs and scented things. You loved to experiment without worrying about outcomes. That was your joy as a child.

You also had a very passionate heart as I can see all the creations, all the hand-written letters to those boys who you fell deeply and temporarily in love with. I see that this is now blocked. You have evolved throughout your life, always reinventing yourself, improving yourself and fixing your weaknesses. Those boys you left behind did not fix their weakness. Now you’re alone.

You have seen the depths of the darker side of men. And you have come to believe that all men are controlled by this dark side which comes in the form of non-rational thought, money, lust and greed. You have come to realize you no longer want to be a part of their darkness.

This is why you never want to send the letters again. Why send the letters to a black hole?

I see that you don’t even love yourself anymore.

You also possess perfectionistic and impossible standards that torture your soul without end. You expect great things from your mind and will not settle for anything less. You now find yourself surrounded by those who have gotten stuck in the sand and cannot move. You look everywhere, but cannot find the jewels. The truth is, you are not ready. When you are ready, the jewels will find you. There is no need to search for them. But you need to move forward in order to be visible. We need to give you an energy transfusion and darkness extraction session.

The darkness virus that you caught from your last boy is now infecting all of your healthy cells.
We need to clean out the darkness. Next, I will go in and extract all the darkness cells from your body using this machine called the Dark-O-Extractor. And after the process is done you will start to feel the darkness seep out of your cells.
Then I’m going to give you a new program. You need to download it every night to ensure your subconscious absorbs it.

Me: Thank you. I’m a little scared.

Doctor: Don’t worry, I will be checking in with you on a daily basis, by reviewing your dream files. I also will be checking to make sure you don’t eat your imagination. Sometimes patients feel so good after receiving darkness extraction therapy that they inadvertently nibble on their imagination centers. The extraction process confuses the patient’s internal systems occasionally, switching the channels. But the risk of this happening is is low and lowers each week until by the end of one month, it’s not a possibility. Oh, and one more thing. When you feel a tiny bit of darkness creep back into your organs, rub this tiny beating heart. It will send the darkness filaments away.

Me: OK, I’m ready. I’m scared, but I feel like shit so let’s do it.

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