This morning as I was obsessively checking my iPhone notifications I discovered that indeed Azealia Banks is back on Twitter as @BANKSDELBLOQUE with her first tweet: “I’m back Kuntz”

I found out because Azealia is following me. In fact I was the very first person to follow her back. Weird! I’m sure Ezinne Ukoha will be glad to hear the news.

I pissed off a bunch of my white friends by publicly admitting on Facebook that I really like Azealia Banks and her music. Like everyone else, I don’t like that she spews forth stupid hate-filled slurs onto little Disney actors, but I do understand her rage. I think she should be a much bigger star than she is currently. She has raw talent, charisma and a huge well of creativity. And attitude. She’s fierce which makes people nervous. But the media and everyone else only focus on her insults. Why aren’t we raking Trump over the coals and banning him? Why aren’t we trying to teach him a lesson about hatred and make him rethink his word choices? He hurls shitty insults to people on a minute to minute basis on Twitter. Oh wait, I forgot, he has tons of money, is a man and is white……Twitter won’t touch him.

I believe her rage has everything to do with her anger that she's not a big powerful celebrity. There could be other issues no one is aware of.

My friend D said it best regarding the stupid Twitter ban on Azealia:

I think Azealia’s videos are super creative and original. I have a suggestion for her going forward on Twitter though: instead of lashing out and creating more havoc, how about creating tutorials for people who want to be more creative, or for young girls who want to rap? There are thousands of creative ways to live. Why not make a total u-turn and not give the media any more shit to print about Azealia?

That’s my unrealistic utopian suggestion. I guess my brother was correct when he accused me of living in La La land. I can’t help it. I love Azealia’s defiance, raw energy and talent. I hate to see her waste it on lamely attacking people on Twitter. Maybe I should start a Pre-Tweet hotline for celebs to call before they go on Twitter. They can run the tweets by me first and I can predict the inevitable media and career outcomes of them.

Maybe I have no business making any sort of suggestion. Maybe Azealia wants to continue on…… why do we think she should change? After all, Trump hasn’t changed at all, in fact, I think he’s gotten worse, more hate-filled. If we as a society are so fucking worried about hate speech and how it’s harming citizens, we should not be worried about Azealia Banks at all. Our attention should be focused on Trump and the powerful hate groups that are alive and well on Twitter and everywhere else.

I hope she might read this and realize that there is a white bitch out there in the world who really likes her music and is cheering for her even though the rest of society has turned its back. And despite the fact that she has terrible taste in politicians, I can still like her and her music.

If you haven’t seen her videos, start with this one. But I think this is her best video and it was the one that initially made her famous.