The Fucked Up Letter I Got From My Father

Secret Writer True Story #1

As a grown woman, what is it like getting a loving letter from your father? I would not know. You see, I have not spoken to mine in probably 16 years. I made the decision based on the years of abuse I suffered growing up in a Narcissist’s house of terror with my self-absorbed mother and demented father who took great pleasure in destroying all that made me a compassionate human being. When you decide to go no contact with a parent with a personality disorder, be prepared for anything. It could come at any time. Years going by do little to soften the blow you feel when you open a mysterious letter only to find out you made a mistake. And like a train wreck, you cannot look away.

Here’s the fucked up letter I received from my dad:

Before I leave this planet, I want to be sure you know the reasons for my extreme disgust and hatred I have towards you and lily livered, no pun intended, X, who does not have the balls to accommodate you and your children in decent housing. It pains me that you are living in my house, which I struggled to improve. The house is now probably destroyed and by legal trickery……you and your mother stole my heirlooms. You are a spoiled, devious, manipulative, selfish, ungrateful psychotic mess. In your later days, you will regret all the terrible unhappiness you caused me after we spent roughly $500,000 on your upbringing…college, maintenance, cars and travel, etc. You ruined vacations because of your attitude and just plain mean selfish demeanor. Especially our trip to the UK and Holland, where I wanted to spend some time wandering in our former estate. All you did was take, take, take. How I could not even look forward to special holidays like Xmas knowing greedy gut Secret Writer.
Your mother and you were always fighting because your mother hated the fact that you were the better and more successful artist. Your mother bought that junky Fiat sports car that you had to have or a Secret Writer tantrum would result. I also said no to the nose job, but mother again went behind my back and you got your way. Time after time when I said no to an unnecessary or needless expense, you had to get what you wanted. Meanwhile your mother was not making payments on a $10,000 loan from Mary. You both spent more than five thousand dollars on a trip to Spoleto, Italy because you had a book entered to be admired.
Your mother spent my inheritance like water. I had to fight to be allowed to see where the money was going. Your mother was spending money like water. $15,000 on her art business….and she was too proud to run around to galleries to show her work.
By the way, we had to sell Henry by Hockney to pay for the trip back East since you had to go to see a special art school for your career. Henry was sold for the same $3700 we paid for it while it had gone up considerably in value….due to Lorinna’s being sucker bait among her fellow teachers at community college. The same sucker bait teacher who sold you the $1700 junk Fiat you had to have and then suddenly demanded a new car, when the Fiat broke down as I had predicted. At the new car dealer, I said, no, we can’t afford it. Lorinna said yes and you of course go the car after another tantrum.
It was embarrassing that everyone knew you married X for his money. I didn’t want to be in the overly expensive and show off wedding.
I cringed at having to walk you down the aisle.
We were broke, but your mother invited all the members of my family to my added embarrassment.
X and X were not seated at the head table with her own brother. X was invited even though he had just screwed me out of $4,000. I had to pay because Lorinna had made a door for someone and had neglected to include the cost of installation….plus she never paid the sales tax of $1,500 which opened us up for an audit. I could not afford to pay X from my business account, but I did anyway to save face.
The stupid girl Lorinna hired to work for me, once again, behind my back or my approval, did not file delivery receipts for goods we had delivered and I could not prove delivery……so I did not get paid for over many thousands of dollars.
I will not see you or your mother again, but I wanted you to know how you and your mother ruined my life. You are all of the above and I ended up a three bedroom hospital, in diapers and miserably depressed. Thank you guys….are you satisfied being thieves and bastards. I hope every day that I will not see the next day.


P.S. Your nose job was a failure and I could hardly believe how distorted your face appeared on your Facebook.