When Father’s Day Rolls Around, I Won’t Be There

I’m not your dad.

I’m not anyone’s dad.

I got a vasectomy at 21.

Did it for Carol, my first wife.

Emergency surgery for a tubular pregnancy.

Technically termed an ectopic pregnancy.

Grandmother reveals her three tubular pregnancies.

Maybe runs in family.

Carol is frightened.

Scared I will kill her.

I volunteer for a vasectomy.

Carol breathes easy.

I’m squirting skim milk fluid now.



I’m going to be 70 soon.

I have a mediastinal mass in my chest cavity.

CT scan reveals possible teratoma.

Doctor’s summary 5/5/2016…

I once again discussed the importance of the diagnosis of the etiology of his mediastinal mass and the need for a biopsy to confirm or rule out a possible malignancy and once again the patient declined any referrals for biopsy or surgical treatment of this problem.

Miracles surround us.

Stillness resides.

I am at peace.