Coinigy launches IntoTheBlock’s advanced analytics as part of its v2 platform release

Alfredo Terrero
Feb 28 · 2 min read

The all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform Coinigy is now expanding their offer by adding IntoTheBlock’s intelligent signals

When it comes to crypto trading platforms, Coinigy is one of those companies that truly stands out, committed to delivering the best user experience for its customers. The platform provides access to 40+ crypto exchanges, trading, charting, portfolio management, and even tax reporting services. In line with its principle of always improving the user experience, Coinigy has released several new and improved features on Coinigy V2 Beta platform both front end and back end, including a new look and feel, a revamp to its theme editor, and market depth chart improvements.

IntoTheBlock’s intelligent signals are a core part of this new release. When users navigate to the Insights tab in the Markets section of the Coinigy platform, they will find IntoTheBlock’s actionable signals on the right panel. These are momentum-based signals that provide a bullish or bearish sign based on onchain indicators such as “volume of large transactions” or the “levels of accumulations by whales”. For those interested in a more detailed analysis, they can simply click the “See More Signals” button and will be redirected to the IntoTheBlock platform with access to a portfolio of over 50 intelligent signals about crypto assets. These signals allow Coinigy traders to get quick information points about crypto assets that complement the excellent technical indicators provided on the platform.

This initiative by IntoTheBlock and Coinigy is just the beginning of our collaboration. In the coming months, new signals and indicators will be added to the Coinigy platform to provide its users with unique data points to make even more informed investment decisions.


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