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Why Intrachain is going to the moon Part I

Dear Intrachain Community,

One of the most essential factors of a successful blockchain project and ICO is the team. To successfully implement a project you need the right combination of team members and advisors to lead the company in the right direction. And Intrachain indeed has the right people steering the ship
During the last weeks you have got a deep insight into the life of our CEO Arne Reimann and his thoughts and vision on Intrachain various topics.

In the next weeks we would like to give you a glance behind the scenes and interviewed our team and advisor for you. Learn more about their backgrounds, views and visions for Intrachain.

Mislav Boras, Intrachain CTO

This week we interviewed Mislav, Intrachain’s CTO.
Mislav is business analyst, fullstack software engineer with strong javascript skill, focus-driven coder and blockchain evangelist. Mislav has been deeply involved with the cryptocurrency and blockchain scene for several years.

Please tell us a little about your background.

My interest in computer science started as early as the first mainstream computers were available to the public. This is why I studied computer science in Tübingen, one of Germany’s 11 elite universities. After my bachelor degree, I was ready for the next challenge. So I decided to do my master at the Technical University of Munich which besides also being one of Germany’s 11 elite universities is the highest ranked German university in the world. During my masters I also studied abroad at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid which is the highest ranked Spanish university in the world.

It was very challenging but these incredible universities offered me the possibility to learn in every field of computer science. Blockchain has been in his early steps while I was studying and it started to gain popularity through Bitcoin. It immediately caught my interest as cryptography, security and decentralized networks have been major subjects in my academic studies.

While I was a student I also worked as a scientific assistant on different projects, focusing on smart, decentralized networks. My master thesis was created in the banking field (Optimization and Parallelization of Financial Algorithms on GPUs), where I gathered knowledge about banking processes.

After successfully graduating, I wanted to learn how IT is used in big Companies. This is why I started as an IT-Consultant for one the biggest insurances in the world. My main task was automating and securing business processes as well as process mining of insurance data.

I was impressed how important IT has become for companies. Nevertheless, I was surprised that most of the technology used was outdated. Big companies are not always on track regarding disruptive technologies. This is where I realized that disruptive technologies have to be carried into big companies by creating new ones.

For how long have you been working with Intrachain?

I have been working for Intrachain since the beginning. The idea came into being some time ago, but we quickly noticed its great potential. That is why we all decided to realize this idea and focus 100 percent on the realization and successful implementation of the project. We want Intrachain to fully exploit its potential.

What drives you to work for Intrachain? Why do you think Intrachain is such a revolutionary project?

During my academic studies and while I was working, I encountered many inefficient processes. The bigger the company was, the older and more complicated were the processes. But nothing was as time consuming and inefficient like accounting processes. Although they were process optimizations nobody focused on the core problems of accounting or nobody dared to.

This is where our journey with Intrachain begins. We are not only tackling the problem of ensuring data quality we also ensure the transactional, tamper-proof, integrity of data distribution. With the combination of intelligent process mining and the blockchain we can ensure data quality while optimizing the distribution of data in a tamper-proof workflow.

Our idea will revolutionize accounting because we will make accounting processes easy and safe, while saving enormous amounts of work time.

To be competitive companies need to improve their processes and save costs. Sticking to old, time and cost consuming accounting processes, will not help them. Our solution will solve their problems because we do not only optimize process mining or data distribution, we optimize both.

Our team is very competent and has grown close over the last years. We are ready for the challenge and we will always be one step ahead, because our minds are free and open.

Accounting is reality in every company in the world. They can’t optimize accounting by themselves but we can do it for them. They can focus on what they do best because we ensure their accounting is efficient and safe.

What are your thoughts on Intrachain in the future?

Intrachain will have a strong position in the world of accounting. We will proof how process mining and blockchain can be combined.

With that kind of knowledge we can take any business problem in the world while optimizing our existing solution. Using blockchain within companies will be easy because of Intrachain.

Our team will grow and we will find the people with the right mindset. New ideas and problems will be discussed and we will always be open to a solution.

Intrachain has the power to disrupt any business process.

We will become a global player proofing what crypto is capable to do when the right people come together.

Stay tuned to get all the insights into our team in the upcoming interviews.

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