OUTCOMES from the Anarchive: memory #01

‘Read and Chant the Wetland’

Sunday, 19.august.2018, 15:00–17:00

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Maria Kamilla Larsen setting Anarchive ‘Sun Sail’, photo by Lene Harbo.

The following images are a visual account of Anarchive: memory #01 which took place Sunday 19.august at the wetland of the Gammelgaard Arts and Culture Centre in Herlev, Denmark.

ANARCHIVE is a medicinal garden I am initiating at the wetland site of Gammelgaard. The work will span from Aug.2018 to Oct.2019 through a series of lectures, performances, sculptures, props, installations, and infrastructures. I work on social pedestals, and in collaboration with my partner, curator Maria Kamilla Larsen and our daughter Freia Pilar. Anarchive is associated to my larger work doctoral work titled ‘Breathtaking Greenhouse Parastructures’ taking place at the Konst Teknik Design joint doctoral programme by Konstfack / KTH, slated to be published in the fall of 2019.

More events and outcomes will follow.

Cover of Anarchive: memory #01 reader handed out to public
Caravan with friends from the Seventh Colony to Gammelgaard.
Arriving at wetland, working area of the Anarchive.
Setting the ropes for the Sun Sail.
Anarchive pedestal: ‘Sun Sail’ unfolded over ‘21 days of Bloodwork Cover Graph’.
Raising the ‘Sun Sail’.
Biologist David Bravo Nogués giving a talk on Ecosystems Services, Species Extinction and Biodiversity, photo by Lene Harbo.
Ectoplasmic Materialism sounding the paper trumpet.
Setting of paper trumpet.
Paper trumpet for listening and speaking invisible labour.
Presenting work by Callum Harper titled ‘Like Yeah, But Nah, But Like Maybe?’ (2015) set on ‘Solar Trestle’.
Capture from video ‘Like Yeah…’
Public watching video work by Callum Harper on the Solar Trestle, photo by Lene Harbo.
Freja and Hazel playing with the geomagnetic markers.
Chanting making reverence to the divinities of the Angolão Paquetan nation of Bahia with (from right to left) Felix Becker, Janosch Schneider, Eliel Lazo, Greta Eacott, and Luis Berríos-Negrón, photo by Lene Harbo.
Chanting to the divinities with Freia Pilar and the public, photo by Lene Harbo.
Between the Sail and the Cover Graph.
To finish the day, Maria Kamilla served our ‘Beetroot Elixir’, photo by Lene Harbo.
Clara and Lysander tasting the ‘Beetroot Elixir’, photo by Lene Harbo.
Anarchive: memory #01 Reader, photo by Lene Harbo.
First geomagnetic point of the Anarchive’s ‘Geomagnetic Teseract, read and marked.
Anarchive’s ‘Geomagnetic Tesseract’ that marks the points where the medicinal garden will begin.



Kinking intransitivity through art and science

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Luis Berríos-Negrón

Luis Berríos-Negrón

Editor of Intransitive Journal. Puerto Rican artist exploring the perceptions, enactments, and displays of environmental form.