Organizational Transformation and How to Achieve it by Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Every company wants to tell the world that they’re “focused on innovation” or have “a strong culture of innovation,” but despite good intentions, most well-established companies do not fulfill these intentions. It’s not that they don’t want to be that company, but when it comes to established companies, they have a specific way that they have and continue to operate and change is hard. So, when these companies start to employ individuals who hear their boasting of an intrapreneurial organization and come to work for them, those people more often find that the actual work environment is not the one they thought they were walking in to.

Because of this disconnect, there are experts that understand these problems from both sides; that of the organization that wants to modernize and of the intrapreneurial minded individual. These behavioural experts understand where that discrepancy between the two usually breaks down and, more importantly, what can be done to bridge that divide. Recently, we invited a few specialists in the field to speak at our Intrapreneur Alliance community event and wanted to share some of that discussion with you.

At this event we were joined by Stewart Hayes, Principle at Authenegade Partners, Nicole Dawson, Product Owner in RBC’s HR Accelerator, Dominique Laverdiere, President of Cohaesio Inc, and Sean Hayes, Vice-President of Cohaesio Inc. The four panellists and our moderator had an open discussion about why companies want to be more innovative, what’s holding them back, what can be done to create true change, and where the intrapreneur falls into all of this. Below, we’ve broken their discussion up into digestible size videos for you gain insights from.

“If you’re not innovative you’re behind”

Meet the panel in this first clip and hear them discuss why companies want to tell the world about how innovative and embracing of intrapreneurs they are.

“Do I know what to do? Do I want to do it? And am I able to do it?”

In this second clip, our panel discusses how the path to change can be started. We start with the question of how companies can know that they’re ready even to begin a transformation? But not to focus only on the issues of an organization, the panellists also discuss how people with an intrapreneurial spirit that join these companies can adapt to how the organization currently works while also helping them to evolve to be more intrapreneurial.

“That link to purpose is so compelling to people”

Finally, our third clip has our panellists discussing how companies and intrapreneurs can work together to make change happen. From understanding why evolving is so important from an organizational perspective, to have an open attitude and appetite to take on risks, the panel gives some real advice for how even the largest of organizations can genuinely embrace an innovative culture.