Small Behaviour Changes Can Lead To Large Organizational Evolutions

We’re now just one day away from our Behaviour Change, Communication, and Intrapreneurs event. There’s still time to reserve yourself a seat if you haven’t done so already.

As we’ve been leading up to the event we’ve heard from several of our panellists about different aspects of behaviour change within organizations. First, Sean Hayes spoke with us about behaviour change theories. Then, Dominique Laverdière explained to us how there are different levels of readiness and the need to asses what level everyone is at before starting to create change.

Now, we’d like to introduce one more of the panellists that will be joining us on March 28th, Stewart Hayes. Stewart will be helping to wrap up Sean and Dominque’s thoughts about preparing for change by helping to explain how we can actually make these shifts happen. Here’s what he had to say when we spoke on video preparing for the event:

As Stewart mentions in his brief interview clip, making change happen can be hard. Especially if we just think about the big picture. Instead, he believes that it makes sense to focus on something very specific, in this case, the behaviour that you most think needs to change in your organization to create an innovation forward company. To do so we need to think about how we can create motivation to get people to think differently. So, what is the value that they will receive by switching up their mindset? How can you deliver that value? And, what are you looking to get in return?

If we can start to think about larger changes by breaking them down and focusing on smaller behaviour changes, organizations stand a better chance of evolving cohesively.

If you want to know more about how Stewart helps companies to define these behaviours and helps to create the motivation to make them happen, please join us on the morning of March 28th. We still have a few seats left, so register here today.

We look forward to seeing you there so you can walk away with real actionable insights that will help you to change the thinking in your company and evolve to a truly innovative culture that is set for the future.

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