There Are Many Levels Of Innovation Readiness

As we get closer to our next Intrapreneur Alliance breakfast event on March 28th , we wanted to introduce you to another one of panellists who will help us explore how to properly manage behaviour changes so that innovation becomes possible inside of large companies.

When it comes to changing the culture at your company to ensure that everyone is actually open to the new innovative ideas, it’s important to first take stock and understand where everyone is at in their process of change. While everyone says they are ready to transform the company or the way they work, that can mean different levels of change for every person.

We sat down with Dominique Laverdière, one of the panellists for our Behaviour Change, Communication, & Intrapreneurs event, to hear her thoughts on the topic:

As Dominique mentions above, just because you say your company is ready to evolve, it does not mean that everyone is at the same kind of ready or that they’re willing to move the same amount of distance to get to that finish line. She also mentions that there are several ways to gauge the readiness of your organization to make sure that everyone gets to the same end, no matter where they’re starting from.

Dominique will go more in depth about these techniques on March 28, at our breakfast event. If you’re in the Toronto area and haven’t registered for this free event yet, you can do so now, here . Tickets are going fast, so make sure you reserve your seat today.

We look forward to seeing you there and revealing more ways that you can ensure that transforming and evolving your company goes as smoothly as possible.