From the Poetry Collection Enigma: Part I

Enigma is a poetry collection and should be read in the following order: Acrostics, Notes to My Neighbor, Ciphers I, Ciphers II, Ciphers III.

Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash

Ever the verse I’m constructingniwolfrevo noisserpxE
Never to be resistingnisaerced reveN
I am always persistingnizilautca ma I
Growing in artistic visionoissim siht nihtiw gniworG
Making it with precisionoitacided a gnikaM
A love with no revisionoitcefrep fo esrev evol A

Dawn ascends, withering night
Another word I can’t write
Words come of their own accord 
Never without a discord.

I cannot stop thinking about you
Want to know you, kiss your perfect face
Am I in too deep and too obsessed?
Not enough social reserve or sense?
Too much emotion and too intense,
Your heart races away in defense
Oh, if I could describe this despair
Unrelenting smile and perfect hair!

I wonder if you know how my thoughts burn
That feeling that makes my soul toil and churn
Have you sought out the meaning of the verse?
Implored your soul to discover its curse
Now, I will provide you with this knowledge
Knowledge they cannot impart in college
I won’t tell everyone, but I’ll tell you
The secret of the verse is that it’s true
So however fantastic poems be
They must exist and have reality
Ruminate the word in this inscription
Understand it’s all about perception
Everything’s true even in deception.

Dawn, do you have a strategic love plan?
A strategy outlined to find your man
When ready you will use with certainty
No way to stand your heart eternally
I cannot believe these thoughts I explore,
Lost I am in this endless rapture’s war,
Oh woman, for you my soul all and more
Visions of you surround me in specters,
Enthralls my mind with your haunting gestures
You know not the depth of this corruption,
Of how my mind steals for its construction
Unyielding dreams of perfect seduction.