Ciphers I

From the Poetry Collection Enigma Part III

Enigma is a poetry collection and should be read in the following order: Acrostics, Notes to My Neighbor, Ciphers I, Ciphers II, Ciphers III.

Sky Over A Lonely Abandoned Road — December 2008 — Vincent Triola

Take these hands they have been waiting for you
These fingers struggle for the verse that’s true
Lines describing the affection’s war for you
They are also hands of the fighting man
Are they not battered and beaten enough?
More designed for war then poetic fluff
Yours is the love that is the greater war
Than any campaign of verse I fought before
Mine is the battle for rhyme perfection
But in my words you find no deception 
To elaborate is to no avail
Tell you my love and I’m condemned to fail
You come to me the Dawn that’s haunting me
In quiet struggle I lose secrecy
Verse is my curse- I can’t my heart contain!
The words for you explode like monsoon rain
Way of the Poet is the Way of Pain!
My fighting stalemates in a battle wall
Heart of the Fighter to you I must call
Beats like a war drum without your reply
For you, I’m poised, waiting a chance to try
You come to me again and surround me
Is this fear that consumes and hollows me?
To battle with hands- I wish it could be!
Combat that’s mortal has a faster fee
The life you give is the Warrior’s Way*
Simplicity and mercy is the Way 
Of love that is permanently denied
Words will fail to describe how my soul died.

* “The Way” is in reference to The Book of Five Rings by Miamoto Musashi.