Ciphers II

From the Poetry Collection Enigma Part V

Enigma is a poetry collection and should be read in the following order: Acrostics, Notes to My Neighbor, Ciphers I, Ciphers II, Ciphers III.

Photo by Nanda Dian Pratama on Unsplash

This is the tying and untying of this cipher
Is not the song of love the same song of the Piper?*
For have I not followed the love song in blind musing,
You Drove a wanting, noiseless instrumental, longing overture, vehemently expressing
I sought your song and rhyme all of the days of my life
Created in me this relentless poetic strife
This turmoil now burns and expands, seeking to escape
Art in words becomes my struggle and my sordid fate!

Is not love man’s quest to seek what he knows to be true?
This Heart beats and trembles while crying in hope for you
Not a paragraph, sentence, or word could I relate
The derivative thoughts from poets both present or late
Way of the Poet- truly it is the love to hate!

The mundane words of the philosophers and teachers,
Way of the spiritualists, way of the preachers
Of all these romantics who so ardently professed,
My heart is true!” and believed and swore and so confessed,
Soul of Love is a fleeting spirit of emotion,
The way of love is to be seeking non-devotion!”
Way to Love is discovering superb symmetry,
To find your one true perfect love look for harmony.”
Your perfect mate does eternally for you await”
Heart of the Lord your God is the only Heart to sate”

Way of other men and their tired words is not for me
Of these thoughts I am resistant and refuse to see
The easy answers are timeless but impotent wind
Verse is the curse and sin because it’s no easy win
That struggle for the truth is my stand against the wind
Is this losing fight for truth not the worst of all sin?
My soul is polluted with these fairy tale beliefs
Curse of the Romantic is to never find relief

Poetry’s dead, it choked on love while singing in vain
Now my soul turns, looking away with bitter disdain
The thought of love that was within me carelessly sown,
Seed of belief that was within me purposely grown
Of the love’s absolutism and how it must be true
Our souls are fated to be one,” they claimed it was true,
Conception of love is a dream that is always true”

Made like a play that’s predictable and over-read
With this talk of love my heart just breaks and soul goes dead
The thought of my past true lovers and the Dove that fled
Marriage was lost no matter how strongly I believed
Of how our true love was pure and could not be deceived
Us I remember fantasizing eternally,
In this timeless relationship perpetually,
Fiction must grind to its end eventually

Lies of affection cannot steer the heart’s direction
Of what we desire most and our true soul’s selection
You woman, I believe and know there was no other
And you and I will be together tied forever
I am foolish to continue in this vain pursuit
In mindless persistence for you I am resolute
Affection steals from me, I’m mentally destitute

Are you seeing and hearing my absence of resolve?
You before whom my will and beliefs quickly dissolve
Forever are we condemned to believe and try to seek
Condemned to love, we are forever stupid and weak
To continue to find this feeling perpetuates
My true heart storms and burns until it must dissipate
Self-deception clouds form again to precipitate

Wrought out of senseless and pointless hope these dreams increase!
In these thoughts there is no shelter and I find no peace
Passion ignites, burns, and desire’s fire will not cease!
Our hearts I can feel and I know are ready to meet
Souls are matched and hearts synchronize in singular beat
Convection of love connects us, I can feel the heat!

With these words will you find my semantic seduction?
This is the formula for affection’s construction
Energy of love increases, seeking conduction
I am charged with its current, it’s electrifying
Attempt to resist you is vain, but I keep lying
To be in love is to know the truth while denying
Define my emotion for you, I must keep trying

The verse I wrote yesterday is dead, for its soul lacked
Emotions drive poetry and love’s lie must be cracked
That you and I should feel symmetrically exact
Within I can still feel love’s hopeless and futile game
Me for you I shall continue to work and maintain
Pine for you my love in spite of lies, I shall remain

Truth of the poet is to grasp a specter moving,
Of this love I know there is no means for its proving
Our love is fluid and dynamically moving
Puzzle over these verses that you may find my heart
Perplexes us all what we consider loving art
And confuses us deeper within love’s persistence,
Confounds my soul with weakness and lack of resistance

Inlaid in my heart are endless dreams I hold for you,
With visions that are so perfect and vividly true
Love is the puzzle that appears with complexity 
Its riddle is not hard to unravel and to see
Enigma of love is the space between me and you,
Compounds in my heart, these dreams and feelings I call true.

*In reference to The Pied Piper of Hamlin.