Dementia takes…

Standing aside, for a story that must be told.

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

The battle is real, the fight rages on,
But this is a battle that can’t be won.

Slowly, silently it’s taking over your life,
Its stronghold can’t be severed by a surgeon's knife.

And so helplessly I watch you slipping away,
Praying each night for one more day.

The dawn comes and my heart quickens,
And deep inside the fear thickens.

Please let daddy be OK today,
With a heavy heart I plead and pray.

You greet me with a smile and love fills my heart,
Silently wishing we never have to part.

Each day brings challenges new,
As this disease steals away more of you.

Some days are good and we smile and laugh,
Other days are harder but I’m still grateful for them to have.

I watch you smile and my heart aches more,
Knowing you don’t remember the day before.

In your mind your still the strong man of days gone past,
But I know you’ll be reminded, and the smile won’t last.

The frustration simmers and builds through the day,
As I see you try to understand why you are this way.

And silently it creeps in and reminds us it’s there,
The Beast of a disease that has no care.

I see you struggle to get from under its heartless hold,
But it’s just as determined and takes over your control.

I want to be able to free you of this Beast,
To give you back some control at least.

But it enters no bargain and laughs in my face,
It’s taking over and making here it’s place.

The fight rages on with no mercy to be seen,
But I won’t let me rob me of the memories that have been.

I’m sorry daddy I can’t make you well,
I can not save you from this untold hell.

All I can do is hold your hand through this storm,
And re-live happy memories of when days were norm.

I’ll hold every second of our time in my heart,
And the memories will keep me warm when it comes time for us to part.

(original work: AG. Posted on their behalf)




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