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Home: Not Necessarily a House

Photo by Me

Being a military wife for 15 years leaves me without a feeling of home. Home to me is not this place (The picture of my house above), but nature. No matter where I have lived I have hiked. Germans love their hiking and I lived in Germany for four years and that is where I started hiking. I loved nature. I loved the calm found in the woods. I loved the nods of people passing by. I live for finding the light among the ‘shrooms, the light among the tree leaves, and the light dancing on water. Home to me is where I feel at ease and for me that is in nature.

Terijo asked a bunch of us to tell her about home. Home to me is a state of mind. A happiness found out in the woods. I have lived in a bunch of states and Germany and have always found a place to walk. Sometimes it was on a beach, sometimes a trail in a state park, or sometimes just walking around my neighborhood. Home is where your heart is and since my children moved out my heart is with them and it is in nature. Home is where my heart rate drops, where I can relax, where everything will be OK. Home is a transcendental place for me. It is also a realm in my mind where I can go to retreat, reboot, remain calm, and center myself during the day. Home is a mental mobile home for me that I move around as I need it.

H is for the happiness it brings, O is for the Oh My God that comes out of my mouth when the light is pure bliss, M is for the magic that lays in the woods waiting for me to find it, and E is for the excellent way I feel when I emerge back out of the woods. I am HOME in nature. I am home in a field of grass, a corn field, a trail, the neighborhood walking, I am home when my feet are ironically outside my physical home’s front door.

I have had a home in NJ where I grew up and my family all still resides. I have had a home in Cocoa Beach, Florida where I could walk daily in the sand and listen endlessly to the surf; I had a home in Georgia, which I have come back to and will always to me be the children’s home, and I have had a home in Maryland that was to me temporary housing because we were there and gone in a blink. I have lived in many homes. I have hung my frames up in my house, laid down in my bed in each, and I have painted many of them inside to make it warmer and more inviting, but since my children are grown, my home is now just a house and my home is with them in their homes and in nature that soothes my soul like a balm on a bug bite. It relaxes me, nature and I are best friends, it allows me to be myself without judgement, to roam as long as I like, and to quiet the outside world. Home is a place to wander.

Home & I are old friends now. Terijo thank you for the prompt. It reminds me when I need to re-balance to take a walk in the woods. I am grateful for the reminder.