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Nov 22, 2017 · 6 min read


What we’re looking to do here is house stories, poems, and other literary work that speaks to the demands of that intricate dance called life. We all do it whether in or out of a relationship. From the start of a search, a new friend found, an old one lost, a first glance, eyes caught, all the way through the battles won, hard fought. The in’s and out’s of everyday life, the joy and the strife, the wrongs, the rights… In a relationship or not. The intricate intimacy that is everyday life…

From first touch to last goodbyes… We want to tell it all. And we hope you’ll join us, should you so desire. If you are not yet a writer for Intimately Intricate and you wish to submit a piece of work, please send an email to

with a link to your Medium profile and an example of the kind of writing you would be submitting. Please read the very few small rules below before you do so.

We prefer to only accept drafts to this publication, be they behind the paywall or not. Participation in the Partners program is at your discretion. The preference for drafts is because it has benefits for you and Intimately Intricate. It allows us to schedule pieces for future dates and it ensures everyone gets time in the spotlight on the home page. If we were to accept a previously published piece, it would likely never hit the home page at all, and where’s the fun in that?

Now then, how to get your drafts in here?

Look near the top right corner of any page on Medium and you’ll see ‘Write a Story’. Alternatively, click on your profile picture and choose ‘New Story’ from the drop-down menu.

You will now have a blank screen.

Copy the text of the story you wish to submit and paste it into your new blank story — or start typing.

Title your piece — to access the formatting options (e.g. title, bold, italic, add a link, etc), highlight your text by dragging the cursor over it and the options will appear. To make text into a title, choose one of the T’s from the menu — it looks like this:

Play with it a bit… Experiment. It’s fun! You’ll like it, even if only just a little.

Add an image (preferably up top) by clicking on the ‘+’ which appears on any new line you click on and choose the camera icon. Figure out how to post pictures you’re allowed to… and not something that you stole. I’m going to add Heath’s awesome post about a seriously criminal site that steals photos… with some very clear directions about how to NOT do that…

(I LOVE this article by Heath, by the way. So perfect!!)

Additionally? And should go without saying… Do NOT send uncredited photos. Not even your own. A simple “Mine” will work, but, know this… I will check. Also, a “CC0” WITH a link to prove it also works… No, there’s not a lot of trust on this front. Sorry.

Understand, and remember? TJ is not just a writer, she is also a visual artist.


Not my best, but, you get the idea.

(People steal my stuff on the regular, and I do NOT like it. If you wouldn’t like it done to you? Don’t do it to someone else!)

If you don’t know how to find a free photo? ASK. Or? Try Pixabay, Pexels or Unsplash. Or read Heath’s article. He gives great directions. And Miles White pointed out several other resources for free photos here:

Give ’em a go. And issue them a credit, whether they ask for it or not. It’s the right thing to do.

Also…: Do NOT send me anything that could in the least way be interpreted as anti-anybody. My world demands that a difference in anything is a reason for a conversation. Not judgments or annihilation. You will be blocked, reported, and excoriated.

Don’t wake the redhead… Really… It’s not a good idea. I promise…

To add tags, click on the green ‘Publish’ down arrow button — you’ll see a drop-down box that looks like this:

See that yellow “Publish” button…? Ignore that. Pretend it just doesn’t exist, ok? That’s not your button… It’s ours..!

Now, instead, focus on where it says “Add a tag…:” Click there and start typing the name of the tag you want to use — you will see a list of tags populate. Here’s an example of what that looks like:

Click on the tag you want. You can add a maximum of 5 tags — remember, one should be ‘Intimately Intricate’ and then at least one more out of the choices of: ‘Poetry’ ‘Prose’ or the appropriate version of the current ‘Prompt’ (use the ones that are appropriate to your piece). Oh, and if you forget? Please know that we will change them. Sorry. Not sorry. You’ve been warned..!

Once that’s done, access the drop-down menu by clicking on the three little dots up top — this is what it looks like:

After you click, you will see this:

Click ‘Add to Publication’ and then choose ‘Intimately Intricate’ from the submenu.

Next, click ‘Add draft’.

DO NOT hit the ‘Publish’ button again — leave the publishing to me.

That’s it! — you’ll get a confirmation message saying your draft was submitted and I will be notified. Submissions are then reviewed and, if accepted, will be scheduled for publishing. If a submission is not accepted, you will be notified with a note explaining why.

Removing your work from this publication

Your work is always your own, and you are certainly able to remove it from this, or any publication at any time. You own it, not us, so do with it what you will. Any writer with some personal need to remove a story from a publication should simply consider it a matter of courtesy to inform their editor that they need to do so, details be damned, and move forward as their conscience dictates.

That said? As is the policy on almost every publication on Medium, publishing here on Intimately Intricate and then removing it in an attempt to perhaps gain better exposure in another publication will result in permanent removal as an Intimately Intricate writer. That just isn’t respectful of the work put into editing, promoting and showcasing your piece to have it yanked for what may be a better opportunity. Consider carefully if that is your only goal. This is a small publication, although it is growing rapidly, we are nowhere near the size of a “P.S. I Love You” for example. So, if greater exposure is what you want the most, then we’d say you should start there instead.

If your desire is to enter a contest, and they have requirements that include the removal of the piece in question from any other online publication, we can work together to see if that will work in your particular situation, and we’re happy to help in any way we can.

Regardless? If you wish to remove anything from this, or any publication on Medium, you can find the link for that in the same place where you find the “Add to Publication” button. And as it’s your work, it’s entirely your decision.

If questions should arise, we’re more than happy to help — you can contact us via email at:

Happy Writing!


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