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Love loves itself

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I implore you to let love be. That is, don’t stop loving, oh heavens no! Love makes the world go round, love is the highest form of human expression that we have, so express love in all ways please do.

But, love by itself is to be left alone. Love loves itself and it is just fine by itself, vibrating at the highest frequencies known to mankind, and more. Love is the powerhouse of the Universe, and therefore, we are accompanying love in it’s quest to fulfill us, but love doesn’t need us per se. It’s like glue. We need glue to fix the broken object, but the glue is just fine by itself. It simply exists. Except that love is everything, and everything is love. Perhaps love is in the glue, keeping it together!

Love is complete, it has no burdens, no broken relationships, no lust, no love lost, no incomplete feelings nor loneliness. No, love simply is.

We can use love and we use love in all ways throughout our lives, even in the name of wars and heavy subject matter that loves wants no part of. But like immovable stone, love is an essence, a fragrance, a thing of the past, present and future that will never change, but we, will.

Love was there before Adam and Eve, at the creation point of existence, probably in the dinosaur’s hearts too. It is a glue of permanence, something that allows everything else to hang in suspension, but love simply is.

Love is pure, unaltered, unconditional, not human but Divine, love is in every molecule and fiber of creation, sowing together the strands of DNA and possibly, molecules and atoms too.

So, for love’s sake let love just be.

Image found @ The Bridal Box

What I mean is that you must realize that you experience love in it’s multitude of ways, in different emotions and relationships, formats, structures, beings, but love does not need you, unfortunately.

Love is love and it loves itself as a complete, unified and divine structure of light and Spirit and transparency that no human can ever comprehend, but we can touch it, we can feel it, we can love love and experience it’s depths in human terms. But that is in human terms. Love is not human, it is from beyond this world. Love knows this to be the truth.

Love is all that we are, all that we are is love. Therefore, let love be. Allow yourself to be a subject of love; the grand. Be fierce with love. Get lost in love. But know that love needs no one and nothing.

Knowing this, know that the human experience wants nothing more than for you to bask in love’s essence, in every inch and molecule and every day of your existence; in every fiber of your being.

This will make you happy. And love will remain untouched, simply, being, love.

Image by Anna Rozwadowska


By: Anna Rozwadowska 2018