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Letter sent on May 2

May Prompt: Faith

I remember you
been here before
puffing up your chest 
like the behemoth you are
actively defying any challengers
because you always know better
of course you do.

I know you
watched you in action
seen the stand and fights
and the walkaways, even 
when you knew you were right.
More prudent you said
even as pride stung and
that itch in your craw sang with
words wanting out.

I hear you
struggling to fit in
constricted by expectations
not your own
unrealistic unreasonableness
shouting down
what you need spoken

I see you
trying to decide which way to go
a new beginning
the loss of all you’ve known
the people
the belongings
thirty years of your life
gone in a flash of apathy 
and misunderstandings

I want you
standing tall
believing you can once again
be who you are meant to be
find yourself in your meanderings
never settling for less
gaining it all.

I love you
for who and what you are
who you have been
where you are going
the journey you have undertaken
the space you occupy
the place you are destined to own.

I have faith in you
every step of the way
from the first
to the last
every breath taken
know you are capable
of standing
as you have done before
and will hence
because that’s who you are.

Hello my lovelies!

I’m glad to see all of you. I know I’ve been absent much of the last few months, but, it couldn’t be helped. Life kinda took over and didn’t leave me much room for writing.

Dermott Hayes filled in for me for several months and I will always be grateful for his help during that trying time for me. He has gone on to other projects now, and so y’all are stuck with just me, myself and I as your editor here once again! Hope that’s good news! :)

I have found myself of late digging deep to find the faith in myself and my abilities to do anything I set my mind to. I am currently jobless, penniless, and to a certain extent homeless… Staying with my Dad keeps a roof over my head, certainly, but, it’s not MY home if you know what I mean.

So, it’s prompt time again, and this go-round, I’d like to ask you to talk to me about


Whether the search was in yourself, or someone else, it doesn’t matter. How did you find it? How did you feel while you searched for it? What were you thinking when you realized the struggle had begun?

If you are not currently a writer for Intimately Intricate and you would like to be, please send me a note with a link to your Medium profile and a sample of your work to:


and if we are a good fit, I will add you as soon as I can…

If you are currently a writer, please follow the normal procedures and submit your drafts as usual. Please be sure that one of your prompts matches either “Poetry” or “Prose”, another is “Intimately Intricate” and finally one other is “Faith Prompt”. The rest are up to you.

Any questions can be answered either by a response to me here, or via the instructions found in here:

Talk to me. I’ll be waiting to listen…