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The Stranger at the Library

Last month, I got the chance to spend my summer vacation in Sydney. During my last week of stay I explored the public spaces. After visiting the Sydney Harbor, I headed towards the National Library of Sydney. It was an impressive classical building. I took the seat at the left side and pulled my books out. There was a laptop bag across me. I couldn’t tell if the owner was around. A Macbook charger was placed next to the laptop bag. Streaks of neon colors contrast the dark grey cover. I imagined it belonged to a college student or a young creative professional. Maybe it belonged to someone who knew how to impress others. My attention moved to the book section in front of my desk. I stood up and approached the shelf titled ‘Historic Events’. There was a collection of vintage photography of the city. As I went back, I caught sight of a folder and an opened notebook left by the chair. Apparently, the owner had an impressive handwriting. Headlines were kept simple yet striking and bold. Detailed notes explained his ideas and findings. I found it peculiar since I was used to read messy writings with round shapes. I, myself, preferred softer cursive letters. In fact, I was inspired by calligraphy techniques on social media. On the other hand, I thought that this person was more into mechanics. It seemed to me that he was a vocal idealist who was keen to the inside out of a system. I finally sat down and started on my book. Culture and history had always been a fascinating subject to me. My writings were limited to traveling and food. But sometimes, I wondered how best to amplify the celebration of human culture and history. Perhaps the stranger in front of me would have known.