4Qs at 4PM: Onboarding a New Sales Team

Here is the answer to the third of four questions directed at Mike Pollack, co-founder of Intricately at 4PM on a Tuesday.

Say you’re a Sales Leader tasked with on-boarding a new team. What are the different ways you could see Intricately being used by account executives and sales operations?

When I was V.P. of Sales one of my biggest mandates was accelerating the ramp time for new sellers. As we grew the team, it was a constant challenge to ensure that reps were productive, competent on our product, and on plan.

  1. Better Targeting. We can provide sellers with a comprehensive understanding of the competitive land- scape, insight into their competition, and powerful prospect identification and targeting.
  2. Market Intelligence. With Intricately, you can view macro things like TAM (total addressable market) and where wallet share is moving. Cutting to the micro; we help an individual sales rep by providing them in- telligence before every call and a solid grasp of a prospect’s digital footprint and how that footprint has changed over time.
  3. Product Sequentiality. We help them understand the sequence of products their prospect’s have used, un- derstand spend and deliver anticipatory guidance about what products prospects are likely to need next.

Whether it’s a sales leader or a sales individual contributor, we have solutions for both those constituencies to help them grow sales, engage with prospects, and have higher quality conversations that lead to more closed, won opportunities.

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