For Goods and Services Rendered

Judgment expected.

Should I wash my hands?

I’ve already tainted this shirt

and the sides of my pants.

Maybe it’s insensitive to say I tainted them;

I merely shook hands

with a man who wasn’t all there.

I mean; at the root of things, he was.

He had an objective — I knew it was there;

He asked me for money.

Wanted to trade a fraction of a foreign bill

for a fiver of my own.

I don’t know the majority of what he said.

I know he was speaking English.

I just couldn’t catch it –

And even if I could,

I don’t know if I would’ve wanted to.

See, it’s bizarre, he didn’t feel threatening

And sure, I’m not really sober

So I didn’t mind the company

walking down the street

nobody would bother me

if we just looked like a couple of loons

but I’m not

or I don’t think I am

There I go, though, at the root of things

I had an objective — I knew it was there;

I wanted a shield.

Maybe I should’ve given him money.

‘For goods and services rendered’

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