Wake Up: An Excerpt

Wake up.

My eyes flickered open at the sound of that alien voice in my head. Pain shot through my body as I tried to blink away the foggy black in my vision. Memories flashed, the sound of gunfire, the feelings of fear and anger, the sight of blood, my own. I still felt the burning of my lungs from the icy cold water that had filled the,.

My vision cleared up quickly. I looked around as best I could, my body still stiff and sore.

I was lying on a rocky beach, my clothes were still soaked. Pain jolted through my body, and I looked at the source of it. My chest was riddled with a motley assortment of scar tissue, the wet scraps of fabric that once were a shirt clung to me.

I should not have survived this. I thought to myself.

You didn’t.

There was that voice again, it wasn’t something I could ever imagine myself, I wasn’t even sure if it was a real voice.

I mean, I could hear the words but there wasn’t a voice behind them, it was rage. In it’s purest emotional form, rage. There was a heat to it too, like when you stand too close to a campfire for too long. An uncomfortable burning feeling whenever it spoke.

What the hell do you mean? I asked the voice.

Your second chance comes at a steep price, there’s no turning back now.

What are you talking about? What ARE you?

You’ll find out everything eventually, all you need to know is that we have an agreement, now get up, embrace your new life, for now you work with me.

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