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Weekly Blog Post 12.1.14

What I found to be particularly interesting when reading through the “Next Generation University” article by Carey, Fishermen et al, is the shift to reliance, or rather a collaboration between the policies upholding the institution systems and the students. I feel, that in today’s system at Madison it is simply the university’s system and the students have to maneuver their way through it. Whereas in this article, programs like eAdvsior, Finish in 4, and an individualized learning system (green if on track with course, red if behind), truly promote students putting in an effort and having their efforts help to shape the results of their institution. Under these models I felt that the institution actually valued the effort that a student could put in to his or her graduation timeline. It seems then that this Next Generation University set up is not about purely policies enforcement at all (something that today’s society is still turning to), but rather a simplification of the system and a true recognition of students as individual students who are rewarded for caring- not just for getting through.
This type of a university set up is interesting when taken in contrast with the idea of MOOCs. While MOOCs access essentially everyone, it isn’t individualized for each students learning style- simply their learning times. I feel that by creating a system where both of these learning types, the individualized, and the MOOCs approach are incentivized by the institution a student attends. This is similar to the idea brought forth by Kelly in his article, “Disruptor, distract-or, or what?” Programs like Finish in 4 would be the foundational program for a student to work off of, but the student could be recognized further for also participating in MOOCs to enhance his or her learning.

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