Zombies Table-Top Game

Brainstorming. Michael and I sat down after class and tried to come up with what our game was going to be. We both love zombies so the choice was clear. We had a lot of ideas being thrown around, so when we went to actually put something on paper it wasn’t too dificult. We were assigned the game mechanic, Tile Placement, which involves, (you guessed it!) placing tiles. My mind ran to Blockus when I heard that, a territorial game which uses tiles to gain map control. I think map control is a very unique aspect when it comes to games so I wanted to try and figure out a way to implement it.

Play-test 1. We started this game with a bit of chance and a bit of strategy with your teammates. We had a dice roll which took out your precious bridge that you spent so much time building. The dice roll seemed a bit counter-intuitive and self-destructive way too often and that was pretty apparent the first time around. The game was fun none-the-less and there had to be a way to ease the difficulty with still having it be fun and challenging. We figured that there was not enough strategy and teamwork involved so we had a couple ideas to change that around.

Play-test 2. After last time we figured out how to make it more challenging. No. More. Dice. So removing the dice was a hard decision because it left us needing another destruction mechanic which shouldn’t be hammered into the players with no remorse. So we decided, we made the deck large enough to accommodate more movement cards, and the inclusion of horde cards which have a special way of destroying bridges and paths that your working on. The next thing we noticed was that we might need a way to differentiate who’s bridge is who’s, so we had a new change which was implement in the next test.

Play-test 3. This time we made it so everybody had their own individually colored pieces which helped us add an element of destruction to only the person who draws the card as if the player actually encounters zombies in her endeavors to create paths. This change was viewed positively and it seemed like our game had a greater chance of being beaten, but only if using strategy with your fellow team-mates.

Last Words. Creating this game was fun, it served as an interesting path building game that is hectic when playing. I think this game has potential and I would hope that it makes it further than what I could leave it off with. Simple design elements, easy to make pieces, and general fun for anybody who has a thrill of zombies. (zombies not included.) I really hope you enjoyed the game and if I had one regret with this game was to not make it larger. I really think a nice 24x24 or 40x40 game board could do this game justice with taking longer for the game to complete and adding a real sense of being alone in during an apocalypse. Enjoy.