Cloud is changing the way Agency works.

Cloud-based software is changing the way we work and communicate at a faster pace than most of us had imagined. There will be the time when working from your office desk becomes history and client interaction will be quicker and efficient with the Digital Channel.

The benefits are even higher for Education Counsellors and Agents.

Your clients and partner institutions will be more pleased if you can provide them instant responses, information, and updates on the spot. This is only possible with instant remote access to all your office work and resources.

Previously, client service process has been mostly delayed because you or your staff needs to start looking for folders, searching for files, and examining the endless list of documents every time they request some information. In the worst situation, you can’t find the right folder even after spending more than 15 minutes looking for it when your client is seated right in front of you.

Thankfully, we have a cloud-based platform such as Agentcis that frees us from the hassles of working from our work-desk and going through numerous folders. So that you can we can focus on business while these platforms take care of data. Most trusted online applications stores all the data and information in a highly secured remote server.

The benefit of using a cloud-based platform is that you can access your work — just like your email — from anywhere, anytime if you have Internet connectivity.

Endless possibilities of Agentcis, a trusted Cloud-based Platform

Quite interestingly, this ease of access automatically open doors to several other possibilities.

Agentcis smartly collaborates various modules together to make a better platform for the Education and Migration Agents, such as User Management, Client Relationship Management, Partner & their Product Management,Task Management, customizable Service Workflows, unique Invoicing System and last but not the least, Reporting module.

Using Agentcis, authorized user can access work on any device simultaneously in real-time, no matter where they are. This makes collaboration among your departments, branches, and partner institution much easier and better.

In an urgent situation, the staff who cannot reach the office, can execute high priority tasks from home or anywhere by simply accessing Agentcis online. Online platforms like Agentcis are most useful for agency operators and senior staff who are usually traveling, attending programs or busy in meetings.

As they can track all activities online — from progress on a client’s application, status of pending invoices to instant reports on the key aspects of the business — they can make informed decisions quickly from anywhere.

What makes an online platform a smart choice is the also a cost it can save to your agency.

We hope we are able to convince you why cloud-based applications like Agentcis are best for Education Agencies.

As for our own software, here’s what we have to say: Agentcis provides more flexibility to you and your staff without compromising your responsiveness, timeliness, and service quality.