Work ethics I have flourished as a developer

I am not going to state about the projects I’ve done in my past nor am I going to brag about the programming languages that I thought I had mastered as a developer. I am just going to list out a few core values I think may be helpful to have a happy professional life. So here we go :

  1. Patience is the key.
  2. Time is money, spend it well.
  3. Listen more and speak less.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  5. If its too hard for you, you are doing it wrong.
  6. Update or else someday you will find yourself chatting with a flash developer on “How technology betrayed developers”.
  7. Everything is a “Piece of cake” once you slice the large one for everyone to share.
  8. Don’t rush into writing code until and unless you are absolutely clear on the requirements. First solve the problem, then write the code.
  9. It is better to be ignorant than carry wrong information.
  10. Documentation is the key to the treasure chest with all the gems you wrote.
  11. Absorb only the positivity from criticisms and disagreements.
  12. Get inspiration from something magical that comes along.
  13. Leverage automation to the fullest.
  14. Never kill your curiosity.
  15. No idea is bad.
  16. Always minimize your hate for the quality assurance engineer.
  17. A challenge is hard as you make of it.
  18. Music does help in creative thinking.
  19. Always thrive for betterment.
  20. Don’t do it just because everyone is doing it. Judge to evaluate before implementation.
  21. Too little and incomplete knowledge is always a hindrance to productivity.
  22. It is not always about working hard, but working smart will always turn out great.
  23. Immediately implement a new idea to imprint it into your memory.
  24. Sleep and rest is a huge boost for a sound mind.
  25. Desk jobs are cruel, take time to cool off and stretch.
  26. Drink plenty of water and eat well to have a healthy brain.