Following on from my post about small talk, I would like to bring your attention to something that makes me angry: we introverts prefer it if you get straight to the point when you speak to us.

In other words: CUT THE CRAP!

You see, rather than sitting next to an introvert and talking just for the sake of making some noise before you really get to the real reason why you’re talking to them in the first place, it would make everybody feel better if you just said what you meant.

Because by not saying what it is that you want to say right away, you’re making yourself feel slightly awkward, right?

Well, you selfish person, did you ever think about the poor introvert who has just had to sit through all of your awkward, mundane chit-chat? Just think of how awkward they must feel.

Personally, I would much rather somebody asks me something outright than taking an absolute eternity to get to the exact same spot.

For example, this is what tends to happen (“T”=Them, “M”=Me):

T: ‘Hey, how are you?’

M: ‘Fine, thank you.’

T: ‘The weather’s nice today, isn’t it?’

M: ‘I like it colder.’

T: ‘So how’s work going?’

M: ‘Fine, thank you.’

T: ‘Great, that’s good to hear…’

(silence for five seconds)

T: ‘So, I’ve got an Excel problem and wondered if you can help at all. Can you?’

But this is what I would prefer:

(“T” approaches me)

T: ‘Hi, do you mind helping me with an Excel problem?’

M: ‘Sure.’


See how much shorter it is?

It also means that we haven’t wasted many minutes of our lives having an awkward conversation about pointless crap!

Plus, it means that I am happier than I would have been if we had gone the other route because the whole interaction was meaningful.

Once again, in short, the best approach is this: CUT THE CRAP!