Quitting Your Job

I handed in my notice of resignation this week.

My boss accepted it and told me that he won’t tell the team as it’s my personal business and is leaving it down to me.


I know what will happen — the moment I mention to one of my team members (in private, naturally) that I’m leaving, they will almost certainly unleash a tonne of questions upon me:

  • “why?”
  • “when?”
  • “what happened?”
  • “are you okay?”
  • “is something wrong?”
  • “where are you going next?”
  • “do you have another job already?”
  • “how can you do this to us?”

The thing is, I would much rather have my boss announce it to the team, in whichever way he chooses (quietly and whilst I’m not around would be my ideal scenario) and make it clear that I don’t want people to start asking me all of those stupid questions.

Okay, I take it back — they’re not stupid questions because I know that the person or people asking may genuinely want to know. Some, however, will only ask because it’s part of their rote-human-interaction dialogue:

IF(personQuits = TRUE)

The fact that I may potentially have to awkwardly answer the same string of questions dozens of times is something that I want to avoid doing, simply because it’s my business why I’m leaving and I genuinely don’t want to share that information with anybody who I know doesn’t really care and who only wants to know because they’re nosey.

If I answer the question of “why”, I will not make something up because I’m not a liar. But I also stay true to myself and won’t share the reason with people who I think don’t need to know, so my answer will be something along the lines of “don’t worry about why”. Which just makes them even more curious and persistent/annoying.

At present, my resignation is going ahead and nobody but my boss and his boss knows — the thing is, my team will have to be informed soon, of course, but I don’t want to do it. So I will ask my boss to do it on the premise that people (the team) don’t make a big deal about it, because if they do then they will want to speak to me and we all know that talking about mundane things isn’t what we do.

Plus, being constantly busy thinking about everything all of the time every single day, I simply don’t have time for all that talking-with-others business.