Introvert Rodeo

For the hyper-introspective.

The Introvert’s Dilemma

or, The Bends. Three years of social anxiety at Harvard, six years of self-knowledge

Dear dumbphone: a Millennial’s declaration of love

For not having a smartphone, they called me Amish, they called me a grandma. But guess what? I liked my dumbphone.

Connected, but alone?

Physically together, but mentally elsewhere

We live in the age of distraction with our multiple technological devices which in a way “give” us…

How To Be Happy

Simple steps to lead a simple and content life.

7. Stop checking email in the morning.

Weddings versus the Introvert

How to survive their happiest day in one piece

An empty cup sat next to me, my two snuggies wrapped tightly around my waist in…

Introversion Is Not a Personality Fail

A few years ago, I got into an argument with my now mother-in-law over my supposedly “backwards” ways. My transgression? I did not attend a party of…

Why Self-Care Really Matters

I wouldn’t call it a health kick, because I ate three and a half slices of pizza last Tuesday night. We can call it a self-care groove, the kind where I find myself on the yoga mat and sprinkling drops from a cheap bottle of lavender essential oil into a hot bath a few times a week. Novels are an especially welcome retreat. (World War II will put just about any…

The Art of Narcissism

Perfecting My Mona Lisa Duckface

One of the things I hear a lot about Millenials, and especially heavy social media users, is that they tend…

Introvert Rodeo
Introvert Rodeo

For the hyper-introspective.

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