Introducing Tibeouf

The only real dating app you need, for iPhone.

In autumn of 2012, dating app Tinder was first thrust onto the world. Ever since then, so many more apps have come out attempting to replicate Tinder’s explosive success with the same formula. You can swipe right for a puppy in 2015, which is amazing. However, none of these apps have have mastered the formula for success with the Tinder format.

That is, until today. Say hello to Tibeouf.

Over the course of years, Intui have painstakingly developed an inventive new app that trumps every single Tinder-style app. Tinder, but only for Shia LaBeouf.

You must only swipe right at this man’s beautiful visage. However, you do have a choice to swipe left. Here is exactly what happens if you do, however.

You do not want to swipe left on Shia. Why would you, anyway? You sick, sick monster.

Tibeouf will be released soon on the App Store, with an Android version on the way (in 2018), and a BlackBerry OS version coming when hell freezes over.

Who are we?

We are Intui, a small startup based in Vancouver. Our small team of fourteen people are all below 18 years old, because — in order to catch up with Silicon Valley’s millionares being younger and younger — we decided to get started since we were tweens. We run our company out of a friend’s basement, since he’s the only one with a Mac. One time the police were called because his mom thought we were smoking weed when we were actually making dank as h*ck apps.

I’m 16 and I know how to use Python to make a basic collaborative notes app (okay, okay, it’s just a text file that stores strings I put into a dialog, and the file syncs to Dropbox). Sure, I’m failing most of my classes and I don’t have a clue about what to do with myself in the next 5 years, but as long as I know how to code and how to draw rounded rectangles in Photoshop, I can change the world. Apple taught me, and Steve Jobs is a great inspiration.

Shoutout to Josh for having the idea and the name. I’m not associated with Tinder, Shia LeBeouf, or any company that just so happens to be named “Intui”. Don’t sue me; I’m sixteen.