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Durable and Adaptable

Intuit’s Framework for a Scaled Design System

  1. Products coexist in a symbiotic manner (allowing each product to benefit from the innovations of others)
  2. Customers experience familiarity and continuity as they move from one product or platform to another, and
  3. Speed to benefit is guaranteed for their employee community of builders (with designers and developers reusing proven components and swiftly ship new features).

“One of our superpowers in design here at Intuit is getting to decisions quickly about what wheels to reinvent and which to continue rolling down the road with as they are. IDS is what brings this superpower to life and helps grow its strength over time.” - Ian Clazie, Creative Director for Brand and Marketing, QuickBooks

The “Intuit City Map” is our tech stack and services related to our workforce.

Why “Fixed” no longer works

  1. does no harm to CX or business metrics,
  2. minimizes the amount of duplicate code in our repos, and
  3. delivers high craft/beauty impact with low cost across our entire family of apps and services. These are the three principles that guided the creation of our Durable set of components and shared elements shown below
Intuit Durable components cannot be infinitely customizable and iteration on them requires data-backed rationale and partnership with IDS, as changes to them will be platform wide.

“These durable components help our suite of products feel familiar and accessible, which not only helps them work faster, but it also helps us refresh designs across multiple products with a much quicker turnaround.” - Matt Ashwood, Principal Product Designer for ProConnect Group

Inclusive design = Adaptable design

“This is a big step forward for Intuit as an ecosystem of products, symbolizing through design elements that we are a connected family of products. The most powerful part of the Durable / Adaptable framework is that it provides designers with a lot of clarity around where to focus their creative energy. Teams are free from having to “reinvent the button” each time they craft an experience and can spend time connecting with customers, experimenting, and taking the big creative swings that lead to real innovation.” - Laura Huston, Design Lead at Intuit, Design Systems

“The shift to a Durable and Adaptable framing was a lightbulb moment for our teams. It sparks a mindset of productive re-use while also encouraging innovation to benefit the entire Intuit design community, and most importantly, our customers.” - Ian Clazie, Creative Director for Brand and Marketing, QuickBooks



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