Intuit or Die: Why Intuition is the secret to the evolution of personal and global consciousness.

It’s the end of a beautiful day: golden sun setting over the mountains, not a cloud in the sky. My hubby leaves work, ready to head home on his new motorcycle. But, he stops. Something doesn’t feel right.

Inner Voice: “Hmmmm….the bike feels off. Maybe you better check it out before you ride.”

Hubby: “It’s cool. I’m sure it’s nothing. It is a perfect night to ride. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Less than a minute later and less than a mile down Golden Mile Highway, he literally hit the road — and then the hospital, with a broken collar bone, two cracked ribs and a concussion. The diagnosis: bike malfunction.

“It could have been worse,” everyone says. But, it could have not happened at all if he had followed his Intuition. Even he knew that, as the first thing he said was, “I knew I shouldn’t have got on that bike.”

How many times have we been in that situation? Can we count the number of times that something inside you told you to do (or not do) this or that? More importantly, how often did we listen?

When I named my blog Intuit or Die, some people thought it was a too harsh. Shouldn’t it be a bit more feel-good-y? I questioned why I would sugar-coat three simple words that say it all. Follow your intuition or suffer the consequences — literally, as in my husband’s case, or figuratively, in that we will fail, suffer, lose or become irrelevant.

Intuition is more than our gut instinct; it is the root of all transformation in our lives. It is the root of our inspiration, creativity, ingenuity, innovation — it’s the part of us that aspires to be more, and make the world a better place. It’s the part of us that yearns to grow, evolve and awaken to our highest potential. It’s what gets us up in the morning — what calls us to create new things, pioneer new frontiers and go beyond our selves. It is the internal mechanism that brings change into the world.

Intuition is catalyst to all transformation in life.

Intuit, or die — it’s spiritual Darwinism.

Intuition is the stroke of genius — the revelation — the insight. Sometimes it’s even a superpower, with special gifts of higher awareness and inner knowings. All of this comes from our Source — whatever word you use to describe the core of our Being and origin in the Universe; our Intuition is our connection to our Higher Self, and the infinite wisdom of creation. Intuition is hardwired into each and every one of us. Its job is to make sure every step we take is a step towards our personal truth, and highest destiny.

This is the case today, as it has always been. The most amazing men and women in history have attested to the power of their Intuition. The most amazing discoveries and revolutions have been spawned by its insights.

Five of the Top Moments in the History of Intuition
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FULL ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN the elephant journal, 2013.