Knowing Without Thinking

Yes, there is a smarter kind of thinking than thinking. It’s called knowing.

Knowing is WAY easier than linear thinking. You could say its a short cut through thinking. It’s like a wormhole: you can spend light years trying to solve a problem; or you can use your Intuition and know it in an instant. And, yes, its really that easy. You just need to figure out how to do it. (We all can — no matter what they told you in school)

Look around today. We are drowning in information — in a sea of white noise. Information isn’t valuable anymore; what’s valuable is anything that helps you navigate the flood of data, facts and content that consumes every waking hour of our lives.

Enter Intuition.

Intuition is on the scene to rebalance our lives. Don’t get me wrong; it’s GREAT to be smart. But you cant be JUST smart. Smart people are better when they are intuitive, and creative. People like Einstein. DaVinci. Mozart — they turn intelligence into genius. Intuition is the secret to Genius.

Even today, why are companies like Apple and Google so successful? Because they have genius. They have VISION. Innovation. Creativity. You want to find out who is really smart? Dont just test Intelligence Quotient; test Intuition Quotient.

So, if you haven’t already, take a little time to nurture the other side of your being. Take a break from the noise, and listen to the wisdom between your thoughts. It will change your life. And you might just change the world.