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Dissecting Viral Content: What Makes A Video Go Viral?

Vitality. Nowadays, in the technological age, pretty much a new video is going viral everyday. But what makes a video or article go viral? What makes one piece of content blow up unprecedentedly?

What makes people want to watch, and share, a video, photo or article.

What makes people click?

Now, when I first approached this topic, it seemed there were too many viral videos to watch out there. Maybe thousands, and I knew I couldn’t watch all of them.

But I went straight into the maze of videos anyways. And let me tell you, it was like crawling down a rabbit hole.

Before I had finished watching even ten videos, I was starting to notice a theme.

All the videos I had watched were either funny or mind-blowing.

This was part of it, for a video/article to go viral, it was going to have to shock you, to make you laugh or to inspire you. Whatever it did, it was going to have to squeeze emotion out of you.

Yet another thing I noticed about viral videos was this: they weren’t long.

And it does make sense. Naturally, the human attention span is a few minutes at best, so for a viral video to be shared, re-watched or watched the full way through, it has to be short and sweet.

Think about it. Nobody wants to be watching a ten-minute long video with only one funny moment. People have things to do, and that’s the point.

Viral videos won’t go viral if they take up your time.

Finally, the last thing about viral videos that struck me in literally everyone I watched — was this.

Viral videos don’t have to be filmed on fancy cameras, they don’t need cinematic shots or film-worthy dialogue.

They just have to be something you’ve never seen before.

If viral videos were a repeat of their ancestors, predecessors- then videos would cease to be viral. Original content is the driving force behind the science of viral video.

It's not complex mathematics, it just simple. Just a short, fun to watch video of something you have never seen before.

Short x Emotional x Original

All there is too it.




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