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Do multiple pasts exist? (# 43)

Past life regression by Yassay

Previous articles discuss ideas associated with showing the origin of our universe lies in mathematics; the mathematical configuration of an eternal Anti-de Sitter (AdS) space that contains our universe creates quantum particles. Laboratories have demonstrated that when three quantum particles are combined, a new phenomenon can arise where that phenomenon is not present in any of the individual…




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The single most important practice we can be doing during this virus pandemic is differentiating…


Marvel Philosophy: Loki, Kang, and free will

The fine art of asking

I am getting very, very suspicious when philosophers praise the destruction of self or ego.

Philosophers Punks: Deep thinkers in NFTs Community 🧠

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Michael Dalton

Michael Dalton

Curious about big questions. Could there be a logical explanation for the origin of the universe? Does life have a purpose? Can we acquire psychic abilities?

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