Intuition Machine
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Intuition Machine

Conversational Cognition: A New Measure for Artificial General Intelligence
  • Conversation Cognition in Intelligence Design
  • Deep Conversational Learning
  • Contextual Mechanics
  • The Conversational Principle of Intelligence
  • A New AGI Inspired Generalization
  • Errors Response (Difference between training and test error)
  • Sparsity of Model (Alternatively Simplicity of Model or Sherlock Holmes’ method)
  • Fidelity in Generating Models (Ability to generate realistic representations)
  • Effectiveness in ignoring nuisance variables (Ability to ignore the unimportant)
  • Compression (Ability to compress description)
  • Risk Minimization (Ability to predict and compensate for failure)
Explore Deep Learning: Artificial Intuition: The Improbable Deep Learning Revolution



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