Stop Autonomous Weapons Now

Watch this video (by Stuart Russell):

If this isn’t what you want, please take action at

The video above is quite upsetting, however the technology that’s shown isn’t that far from reality. We should all be concerned and do hope we can find a solution before it is too late. More coverage here:

What is very sad is the comments on Youtube ( I shouldn’t be surprised). However, there will always be this sentiment about weapons, that we should get it first before anyone else gets it. This problem is very different than nuclear weapons in the sense that the technology is already accessible and it is just a matter of refinement of the software and the hardware.

I do not currently have a good proposal to address this complex problem. However, we all should be thinking about how to address these kinds of problems that are created with rapidly advancing technology. My thoughts are that we should demand some kind of regulation on Face Detection:

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