40 Ways Deep Learning is Eating the World

Credit: https://unsplash.com/collections/204714/application-modernization?photo=IClZBVw5W5A

Deep Learning is eating the world. Here are a few applications that it is digesting.

Photo Captioning for the Blind

Realtime Speech Translation

Microsoft Skype is able to translate voice into different languages in realtime. Something straight out of the universal translator in Star Trek.

Automated Email Replies

Object Identification

Location Identification from Photographs

Organizing Collections of Photographs

Google Photos is able to automatically organize your photographs into collections with common shared themes.

Classifying Photographs

Self-Driving Cars

A hobbyist is able to teach his car to self-drive in a few hours.

Painting based on Artists Styles

Discovery of New Materials

Realtime Translation of Images of Text

Predictive Keyboards

3D Object Classification

Gesture Recognition

Human Like Conversation

Augmented Reality — Face Tracking

Warehouse Optimization

Sketch to Search

Sketch an image as a query to a visual search.


Amazon drives its personalization capabilities using Deep Learning.

Brain Tumor Detection

Reducing your Electric Bill

Stocking Shelves

Infrared Colorization

Sketch to Generate Realistically Photos

Predicting Clinical Events



Reducing Risk in Agriculture due to Climate Change

Human Like Speech Synthesis

Blur Out Background in Photographs

Predicting Corporate Bankruptcies

Sorting Cucumbers

Reducing Traffic

Reverse Engineering Biological Processes

Analysis of Disaster Damage

Realtime Dementia Detection

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