The Unexplored Space of Possible Organic and Process-Oriented AGI

Carlos E. Perez
Intuition Machine
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2 min readJul 2, 2023



Who has explored how the positive takes on AI like Japanese animism, Kegan’s adult development, civilization as general intelligence and the ecological diversity of minds interplay in a coherent framing?

Let’s conjure up an X vs Y matrix:

We can then discover the many possibilities.

Each possibility emphasizing features above the others.

We can also conjure the opposite instantiation of this:

Do these not look more familiar to you that the organic kinds?

The flaw in the x-risk argument is its tunnel vision that is driven by a cultural stance that is noun-centric and substance oriented. They need help seeing the richer possibility of verb-centric and process-oriented AGI that is also possible.

Due to their biases (i.e., priors) of how civilization ought to be constructed, they place higher probabilities to AGI that is more dangerous. They ignore the possibility that AGI may not consider humanity as a threat but rather one that AGI would find boring instead.

You can explore the above further through this GPT link:

Watch this video on Dr. Michael Levin exploring a society of possible minds: