Please read this message.

Thank you for your attention.

We at Intuitive Public Radio (*, *, *) are providing internet-based crisis aid and community support to environmental refugees with severe health conditions.

These refugees are urgently in need of kindness, compassion, and respect — especially when they are forced to cross borders in fear of their lives.

Sensitive to toxic exposure, multiply-marginalized, severely disabled, experiencing complex chronic illness and compounded trauma — they are often mischaracterized and denied assistance because of public misinformation.

Each of these survivors is brave, brilliant, good-hearted, deeply in service, and worthy of our care. They were unique contributors in service of their communities and privileged, dedicated creative professionals before the onset of their illnesses — and they are all these things now even more than before. Their stories and lived experiences are profound, unexpected, sometimes almost unimaginable, and healing to receive.

They all deserve to be safe in community.

We all benefit from knowing them and learning about their lived experience. When they are safe and can share meaningfully what they know, we are altogether stronger.

But to our knowledge, there is no other group accessible to them and doing this work.

We are searching for organizations and individuals that will work with us to help our urgently internationally traveling members be safer.

Please connect us with anyone you know who may be able to assist or may have insights to help move us forward.

Thank you for your time.

With love,

Max Morris *


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