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15 Best Push Notification Tools to Monetize Your Mobile App

Mobile apps are developed with the mindset of benefiting your targeted users. Do you agree? But, the real crux is how to encourage users to get maximum advantages out of the apps. Of course, communication thread is essential to facilitate users with all the latest updates and information related to the app. These days Push Notifications are in trend to engage the users and monetize the app.

Well, in order to maximize user engagement, organizations cannot send every detail to every user. To attain tremendous response from the users, marketers have to utilize the push notifications effectively. The success of push message is based on delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time. To establish more meaningful and deeper relationship with customers, analyze their behavior on the mobile app, bifurcate them in different segments based on their behavior, and accordingly plan out the push notification strategy.

Here are 10 leading push notification tools that help businesses in reaching out to the targeted users quickly by delivering them relevant push messages.

1. Urban Airship

It is an end-to-end messaging platform that contains a set of mobile analytics, push notifications and engagement strategies. Urban Airship includes wallet studio that is integrated with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet, so merchants can easily proceed with various push notifications such as coupons, loyalty cards, promotion, etc. Organizations can have sophisticated targeting using local history, user preferences, detailed device information, in-app behaviors, and so on. Use the web-editor to preview the push notifications before sending it.

· Integration with Google Wallet and Apple Passbook

· Interactive push notifications

· Conversation reporting

· A/B testing

· Web-based editor

· Feature rich message center

· Funnel app analytics

2. Push Woosh

Push Woosh holds a future ready and highly scalable system that enables organizations to manage push notification traffic going up to millions. It allows to send push messages on 15 leading mobile app development platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and much more. It delivers value for money by allowing marketers to define the target audience and accordingly plan out marketing strategies in order to facilitate users with more relevant and personalized content through push notifications.

· Advanced reporting

· Multi-language support

· Remote API

· Analytics support

· Code review

· Location-based tagging support

· A private cloud

· Push scheduling

· Cross platform service

3. Mixpanel

An advanced push notification tool that permits organizations to track people’s activity and behavior on their mobile and web app so that they can send push notifications based on it. It allows companies to embrace user retention and engagement by using a wide range of services including funnel analysis, A/B testing, auto tracking, push notifications, etc.

· Retroactive funnel report

· Precision segmentation

· Real-time data analytics

· Notifications

· Event tracking

· A/B testing


One of the best intuitive marketing platform that allows marketers to run multiple push notification campaign at a time. It is a one-stop solution to decrease customer churn, improve user lifetime value, and enhance retention focused metrics. It is quite user-friendly as well as allowing enterprises to boost retention and scale up their personalization efforts.

· User behavior analytics

· Time zone settings

· In-app messaging

· Auto-analytics integrations

· Rich personalized messaging

· Audience segmentation

· Message automation

5. Swrve

Swrve is built on cloud service and incorporated with a comprehensive mobile marketing automation platform, A/B testing and optimization platform for mobile apps.

· In-app campaigns

· Messaging

· Market automation

6. Kahuna

Kahuna allows marketers to analyze user behavior on the app and accordingly create and send the personalized push notifications to the users. It is a great analyzing, reporting and marketing tool that helps enterprises in understanding their users.

It allows to send real-time push notifications and create exclusively targeted customer segmentations. Automatic feature of Kahuna facilitates marketers to handle more than eight campaigns together. Moreover, it also identifies active and inactive users on its own and delivers messages accordingly.

· Intelligent delivery time

· Friendly interface

· Brilliant customer segmentation

· Exclusively useful built-in analytics

· Person-centric data layer

· Automatic selection of best push notifications for each user

· Ghost push feature to measure uninstalls or the number of users opting out

7. Nudgespot

It allows marketers to generate triggered or automated push notifications for the precise segments. Nudgespot allows to create push notifications based on user behavior.

· User reports

· Customized notifications

· Proactive

8. PushBots

PushBots is a robust mobile app engagement tool that permits marketers to send messages to any mobile platform directly from the dashboard. It enables organizations to select their target audience based on username, geographical locations, specific devices, and send broadcasts.

· Engagement campaign

· Dynamic push notification

· Retargeting

9. mBlox

Reach out to your mobile app users using mBlox push messaging. It delivers a customized experience to all the users. The mobile SDK offers in-app rich content and quick delivery of push notifications. It enables marketers to divide their target audience into specific segments as per their behavioral pattern, location, and other demographic details.

· Long message support

· Data-driven campaigns

· Two-way messaging

· Multiple format messages

10. QuickBlox

QuickBLox is a great tool that offers an extensive range of push services such as automated reception of updates, reminders, news, alerts, call-to-action, and scores. It permits marketers to use several call-to-actions regardless the push notifications sent.

· Messaging tools

· Customized scheduling

· Calling

11. OneSignal

OneSignal is a free push notification tool that enables you to send web, mobile, email, and in-app notifications. Used by big brands such as Conde Nast, Uber, Adobe, and Skyscanner, it allows you to send both mobile and web push notifications through mobile apps. The best part is OneSignal is free to use. You can give it a shot and see if it works for your business.

Core Features:

  • Easy-to-setup
  • Highly scalable
  • Open-source SDKs
  • A/B test message performance
  • Messaging segmentation
  • Automated notifications
  • Real-time reporting

12. Google Firebase

Firebase is one of the world’s leading push notification tools. Although this Google product is only for mobile apps, it can send in-app message notifications and integrate with Google Analytics. It helps engage target customers by sending contextual and relevant messages that “push” them to take vital in-app actions. It is free.

Core Features:

  • Easy-to-setup and use
  • Customizable push design
  • Trackable impressions, clicks, and conversions
  • A/B test messaging campaigns

13. WebEngage

WebEngage lets you convert your target customers into loyal buyers by sending them automatic and smart push notifications. You can send web, mobile, email, WhatsApp, and Facebook push messages in a highly contextual manner.

Used by notable companies like Unilever, Myntra, Apollo, and Unacademy, it helps create complex lifecycle push campaigns for higher conversions. Meaning, you can actually draw the customer journey to enable relevant messaging.

Core Features:

  • Super segmentation
  • Custom communication
  • Insightful engagement metrics
  • Visual workflows

14. PushCrew

PushCrew is a push notification tool that focuses mainly on web and mobile web messaging. You can send trigger-based notifications based on user actions and behaviors. It is okay if you do not have a mobile app. Hyper-personalization of push messaging is possible. You can choose which types of triggers and user behaviors you would use on a website. PushCrew offers both paid and free options, which can be availed as per your business requirements.

Core Features:

  • In-depth reporting
  • One-click subscription
  • Automated messaging
  • Multivariate segmentation

15. Leanplum

Leanplum is a paid push notification platform with a complete toolkit of app inbox messaging, email marketing, and mobile push features. You can personalize audience communication (mobile notifications and app inbox messages), A/B test the time and copy of push campaigns, and track necessary metrics. Leanplum provides custom pricing for all types of businesses.

Core Features:

  • Measurable ROI
  • Top-tier A/B platform
  • Multi-channel messaging
  • Campaign-level reporting
  • Campaign flow visualization

All the 10 tools, listed above, are offering brilliant features. To pick the suitable one, compare your requirements with the key features of each tool. These tools help businesses in attaining greater customer retention and engagement by delivering convincing messages to the target audience. Being a leading mobile app development company, Intuz has helped the clients in selecting the most effective and affordable push notification tools based on their specific requirements.

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