15 Best Marketing Automation Software in 2017

    Pratik Rupareliya
    Feb 4, 2017 · 6 min read

    Marketing operations are more complex compared to other functions. It can be divided into two parts: online marketing and offline marketing. Offline marketing mostly involves physical presence so one cannot have another option to choose from. However, online marketing primarily covers digital marketing activities where organizations can reduce the burden of their marketing department.

    Online marketing efforts include email marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, etc. Many of these tasks are repetitive. Here you can use a reliable marketing automation software that automates your most of the marketing activities and aids you in achieving your business goals.

    Let’s unveil the best marketing automation software providers that are recommended by many companies.

    1. HubSpot

    HubSpot is one of the pioneers who has commercialized the concept of digital marketing automation. It’s a very popular inbound marketing platform that holds exclusive marketing automation features and capabilities. It offers a complete set of integrated marketing tools such as SEO, spanning blogging, email marketing, social, etc.

    Using the exclusive offerings of HubSpot, organizations can improve their marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Businesses can transform their outbound lead generation efforts into inbound lead generation using the HubSpot marketing automation software.

    2. Infusionsoft

    Infusionsoft provides a sales and marketing software for small-scale businesses that enable them to increase sales, stay organized, and save time. Bloggers can also use this platform to create email marketing as well as marketing funnels and campaigns.

    Sales and marketing automation solution of Infusionsoft enables organizations to automate various repetitive tasks such as contact management, follow-up, billing and payment, and much more. It also boosts sales and marketing strategy of organizations by closing sales faster, capturing new leads, centralizing customer interactions, and much more.

    3. Marketo

    Marketo holds a robust marketing software that helps sales and marking professionals in improving marketing accountability and driving revenue. It’s a cloud-based software that aids small to large scale companies to develop and sustain engaging customer relationship.

    Key features of Marketo are lead generation, search marketing, website visitor tracking, email marketing, campaign management, web and mobile personalization, and much more.

    4. Pardot

    It’s a Salesforce product that allows B2B companies to utilize its advanced marketing automation tools to drive immense sales with intelligent marketing. It improves productivity of sales and marketing team by facilitating them with dynamic lead management software that involves cutting-edge features of lead scoring, shorten sales cycle, CRM integration, lead nurturing, email marketing, sales intelligent, etc.

    5. Act-on

    It’s a cloud-based integrated marketing automation software that combines outbound, inbound and lead nurturing programs. The software helps companies in generating greater revenue on marketing investment. 1. Act-on aids businesses in building the brands, driving the demands, and expanding customer relationship.

    Key service areas of Act-on are inbound, outbound, CRM integration, automation, reports and analytics, account based marketing automation, etc.

    6. Oracle Eloqua

    Oracle Eloqua offers a complete suite of marketing automation tools such as lead management, campaign management, segmentation, targeting, and much more. With Eloqua, companies can launch the marketing campaigns within days rather than weeks. It supports them in sales events, initiative, renewals, and many other activities.

    Amazing features of the Eloqua software are webinars, up-sell campaign, event automation and management, multi-channel marketing, email marketing, automated demand generation, etc.

    7. SharpSpring

    SharpSpring provides a cloud-based marketing automation software that covers next-generation features and functionalities. It enables companies to streamline their marketing efforts with improved performance.

    It is one of the most flexible platforms that comprises a variety of features like integrated call tracking, 3rd party CRM integration, and universal CMS compatibility along with the integration other applications. The software guarantees to deliver assured results, so it is trusted by thousands of businesses and hundreds of agencies around the globe.

    8. Hatchbuck

    It offers a sales and marketing software for small-scale businesses that enable them to nurture customers and drive more sales. Hatchbuck is all-in-one sales and marketing platform that facilitates companies with CRM integration for marketing automation. It also turns website visitors into handshakes, emails into conversations, and customers into fans through the exclusive sale and marketing software. It also permits organizations to manage their contacts, automate follow-up and track the success.

    9. Experiture

    Experiture allows marketers to create, measure, deploy, and optimize multi-channel marketing programs by offering a revolutionary customer experience marketing platform. It offers a comprehensive set of services that involve customer engagement, customer experience, marketing automation, multichannel marketing, landing pages, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, dynamic personalization, multichannel campaign management, and much more.

    10. Net-Results

    A complete marketing automation solution that helps organizations in lead generation, lead nurturing, email marketing, social media management, sale automation, and CRM integration. Other services of Net-Results are revenue performance management, lead management, sales enablement, lead scoring, and so on.

    11. allows businesses to send personalized messages to the targeted customers based on the unique interactions. The software can be integrated with a website or mobile app, tapping into real-time data to trigger action based on user behavior and organization’s pre-defined rules. Essential features of marketing automation software are conversation tracking, email marketing based on user behavior, flexible segmentation, etc.

    12. Salesfusion

    Salesfusion offers an enterprise-grade marketing automation software that assures enterprises for tremendous marketing success. To deliver the best solution, they depend not just on technological advancement, but also focus on the optimization of internal resources such as their processes, expertise, and people. Yes, they don’t just deliver a marketing automation software, but also thorough support of their team who guides organizations for optimum use of the software to maximize their ROI.

    The solution of Salesfusion includes revolutionary features that marketers require to create, manage and analyze marketing campaigns and tactics — such as lead scoring & management, landing pages & forms, email & nurture marketing, social media management, website tracking & analytics, marketing dashboards, and CRM integration.

    13. Distribion

    It’s a web-based marketing software that provides multichannel marketing automation for distributed marketing organization in regulated industries. Distribion has a set of products and services that connect corporate marketing companies with their channel partners, local and regional branches as well as sales representatives.

    Distribion marketing software streamlines organization’s marketing process through intelligent execution of campaign across different communication channels such as social media, microsites, search engine marketing, rich media, and much more.

    14. Active Campaign

    All-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses through email marketing, automated sales CRM, and integrated marketing automation. It facilitates organizations with data-driven segmentation, intelligent behavioral based emails, real-time insights into their campaign and contacts, intelligence-driven automation, etc.

    15. Silverpop

    Silverpop is an IBM product. It allows for marketing automation along with an email marketing solution around the globe. It helps marketers to develop and deliver the targeted multichannel campaign. Silverpop marketing automation software is highly recommended for mid-sized businesses to large scale organizations of versatile industry domains.


    All the marketing automation solution providers listed here are the best. I have tried best to deliver my honest reviews for each of the firms listed above. If any company is missing here that does not indicate their inefficiency. I have included these companies based on their prime visibility during my research. If you find any marketing automation solution provider is missing over here, please post the name of that company in the comment box. We will surely cover it in our next article.

    Intuz holds proven excellence in the sphere of app marketing, where we help client’s in promoting their mobile app by defining customized marketing strategies. To run marketing campaigns for the client, we look for the marketing automation provider companies. It helps our clients in streamlining their marketing efforts and automating the repetitive tasks.

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    Intuz is a custom mobile, software and cloud services company.Our passion for work reflects our values & produces delightful experiences for enterprises.

    Pratik Rupareliya

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    Intuz is a custom mobile, software and cloud services company.Our passion for work reflects our values & produces delightful experiences for enterprises.

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