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App of The Month: Wish — Shopping Made Fun!

How cool would it be to get the wishing lamp with a genie to grant us wishes right out of the famous Arabian legend? Now that was a childhood dream of us millennials. But not all tales can come true nor are we prince Aladdin with a fortunate and eventful life. However, technology has the capability of going past imaginations and sometimes, just sometimes, grant us wishes. One such milestone in the app world called Wish, is the ultimate destination to shop of things at prices you would just wish for.

Sounds intriguing right? Full name of the app is “Wish — Shopping Made Fun.” It contains few fantastic business and technical elements that make it a deserving candidate for January’s “App of The Month”. Have a tour of exclusive capabilities that Wish carries.

Concept of the App

Wish is a typical marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. The app doesn’t hold any responsibility for shipping, product quality, and the content posted on by sellers. Moreover, it doesn’t have any control over the items listed in the app.

Wish provides a huge market for small retailers to big brands so each business can establish a strong online presence. Now, merchants need to do is to find out the customers and connect with buyers.

Extensive Mobile Commerce Platform

The mobile shopping app is inspired by a wish list app. Wish is a large mobile e-commerce platform that facilitates shoppers with numerous offerings such as:

  • Create a wish list
  • Connect with participating sellers
  • Get discounts on the selection of specific products
  • Take advantage of steep discount and bargaining
  • Hook up with retailers and wholesaler

The app works as a mediator between buyers and merchants. But it’s not directly involved in any transaction that takes place between both the parties. It means sellers are accountable for delivering e-commerce services to the clients.

Wish has hooked up with big brands, manufacturers, retailers, artists, crafter, creator, etc. But, the app applies measures for its associates so that they cannot redirect the Wish customers to their personal web or mobile store.

Business Model

A few years ago, Wish worked as a personalized coupon service provider. Gradually the company started getting a good response from the customers. Presently it’s a rapidly growing online shopping platform that holds a prime presence on Google Play Store and App Store. The app has gained over 500 million user base that indicates the tremendous growth of the company. Wish’s recipe of success is thanks to its mind-blowing strategies. Those are:

  • Thorough focus on mobile platform
  • Wide range of product offerings
  • Targeting impulsive customers
  • Introduction of steep discounts (so no one can beat Wish price)
  • Varied “Clone” apps for different set of products

Let’s explore all mobile apps of Wish along with its respective categories.

Wish “Shopping Made Fun”

Shoppers can make a purchase of a variety of products belongs from different categories such as fashion, wallets, gadgets, shoes, bags, makeup and beauty, etc.

Cute “Beauty Shopping”

Consumers can access a wide range of beauty products, clothes, cosmetics, and accessories and make a buying decision.

Geek “Smarter Shopping”

Geek is a sub-division of wish that allows consumers to buy high-tech devices such as smart watches, smartphones, gadgets, watches, torchlights, and much more. It also sells certain accessories of devices.

Home “Design and Decor”

The app caters an exclusive range of home decoration products categorized into several subclasses based on different part of the home like bedroom products, kitchen accessories, bathroom merchandise, etc.

Mama “Thoughtful Shipping”

Mama is very resembled with the original Wish app. However, it targets young women and mothers-to-be. It offers a variety of products such as goods for babies, toddlers, maternity clothes, etc.

Wish for Merchants

It’s a separate mobile app specially designed for retailers and wholesalers so they can easily manage their products, sales, inventory, etc. To get registered with the app, merchants need to insert few personal details like email address, business address details, company information including products along with the category, and revenue share (that is already pre-set at 15%). After the completion of registration, vendors can manage and monitor their accounts through Wish for Merchants.

Basically, all the apps are “Clone” of the original Wish app. The original app is targeting a large scale m-commerce market while other apps are targeting very specific target market by offering a very precise set of products.

Actually, all the apps provide better exposure to the same products listed on Wish. So, in the separate apps, you can find out a bulk of the products belongs from a particular market. It offers a similar type of attractive products to the customers that were not initially in their mind. The impulsive users get tempted to make a purchase. It directly creates positive effect company’s ROI.

Wish — Shopping Made Fun

Among all the apps, the most popular and successful one is Wish- Shopping Made Fun. It contains a user-friendly interface having simple menu and navigation pattern that is very similar to social networking websites, especially Facebook. Excited to explore its brilliant features. Here you can have all of them.

Product Search

Personalized Search

Wish offers a set of personalized filters to make sure that customers can receive the exact results for what they are searching for. Usually, when people do online shopping through mobile, they make impulsive buying decisions. For example; you are looking for a jacket with brown color, but you also see the shoes of the same color. It grabs your attention and inspires you to purchase the shoes along with the jacket.

Hence, by presenting a variety of products to the customers, Wish earns more consumers and revenue that is quite tough to achieve for other e-commerce businesses.

Optimized Algorithm

To deliver the most accurate and relevant results to the buyers, Wish utilizes the data submitted by users. The data is related to the products they like or the goods they rejected. As the app has optimized its algorithm, it quickly proceeds the extensive new data and learns how to offer exact results to the shoppers.

Exclusive Filter Options

Wish facilitates consumers with numerous useful filters to search out the most suitable products. Customers can select the products from category and apply the filters of color, product rating, and tags.

Shopping Cart

If a customer likes any product, they have two options — either add that item to their wishlist or add it to their shopping cart by clicking on “buy”.


Payment security is always a core concern for customers. People only trust the popular payment gateways for secure money transaction. Most of the online shopping websites use PayPal as their payment gateway. Initially, Wish was not supporting any authenticated payment gateway. However, they have implemented PayPal or credit card options to pay for products later on, though the app takes 15% from each sale.


Wish commits to deliver the product within 17 to 25 days. But customer reviews indicate that in some cases product delivery time is too long. As sellers deliver the products to the buyers directly, the situation is not in control of Wish. But the company has planned out to integrate the tracking facility in the app, so customers can easily track their ordered parcel.

Product Delivery

To fasten the product delivery, Wish management has announced they are planning to rent warehouses in the USA where they can store a limited number of goods. So, they can deliver the products to customers within the committed time duration.

Hope you have enjoyed the journey of Wish with Intuz team!

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