How Healthcare Apps Are an Easy Escape From Medical Challenges

Pratik Rupareliya
Apr 26, 2018 · 6 min read
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Physicians and doctors have always been looking for a solution to manage their patient’s history and treatment records. This is highly essential for them to deliver their services efficiently and on time along with the focused care for the patients.

The advent of smart healthcare mobile apps has given solutions to the challenges faced by doctors and patients, especially for long-running treatments.

According to American Medical Association, 85% of doctors agreed the apps and the digital tools have helped them enhance patient’s care by 32%.

Another survey conducted by Wall Street Journal in 2017 indicated that 72% of physicians in US work on smartphones, out of which 95% use medical apps.

One of the major challenges of conventional consultation was the limitation to treat patients at the clinic where only one patient can be treated at one time. Also, we all know the queues outside the reputed clinics of our city, even when the most urgent treatment may be required.

Mobile Apps have offered an easy escape from this basic problem for patients as well as physicians. Let us take you further into the world of medical apps- what has made them a boon, how they overcome the major challenges of the healthcare industry and why we all need at least one Healthcare app on our smartphones.


Mobile apps have eradicated several challenges for the consultants and physicians making it convenient for them to understand patient issues and suggest remedies. These indeed hassle free and here’s how:

Time and Cost of Treatments Enhanced

Discrepancies and mismanagement in the track record of patients was a prominent issue observed in conventional medical consultation. Doctors have always been known for their hectic and busy schedules and it was not feasible to personally remember the recorded history of every patient. In other words, data could not be kept handy.

The mobile apps are cloud-based and this is why neither the patient has to carry their reports every time they visit the doctor, nor do doctors require to dig out the history of the patient on every visit. It can be done just with a touch. Medical reports, data, history can be kept with you on the go using digital record. The vitals of a patient can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

There are dedicated Mobile calculator apps for the medical record which can identify the risk scores and BMIs and consequently suggest the ideal drug dose for the same. Medications can be accurately filled and sent to the patient. This in turns widely reduces the paperwork and billing hassles too.

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Medical Info on Fingertips

A consultant needs a gamut of in-depth information to treat his/her patients. New developments and a lot more evolve in health industry each day. It often becomes tedious for providers to stay updated with everything new coming up.

Mobile apps resolve this challenge to a great extent. Volumes of information on medical evolution, drugs/medication, technology and procedures are rapidly updated in these apps. Latest Medical news, research, studies, journals and publications are instantly available through these apps and the physicians can access them anytime.

Hospital Management

Hospital management requires a lot of effort and money. Pharmacy management is a matter of great concern too for hospitals. Medical errors have often been reported even at reputed hospitals. Staff management is another crucial element of hospital management which requires attention along with the solution.

Management enhances and the effectiveness of hospital activities increases with the intuitive apps coming up. Monitoring and established protocols help in enabling of regulatory compliance and consequently lead to a smooth workflow. Real-time medications can be checked round the clock thereby enabling inventory control.

Next comes the staff management module which is a must in these apps. Incorporating GPS navigation, hospital apps help management to track the availability of the staff run-time in the hospital. On the other hand, it also helps patients in tracking doctors and nurses and even helps navigating inside the hospital and prominent areas like operations theaters, ICU etc. Tracking the availability of beds, rooms and medical equipment also becomes easy for hospital administration department.

Patient Tracking and Engagement

Communication between the doctors and the patients has been a big challenge because of the busy schedules of doctors and their availability. Calling the doctors any time of the day is a bit awkward for patients despite of the fact that real-time communication is highly needed for medical treatments and remedies.

Fortunately, the clinical and medical apps come with instant solutions for this problem. Chat features, video/facetime, messaging and social networking are offered between healthcare providers and patients to overcome this challenge in the industry. Doctors are using digital tools vigorously in order to ease own their day to day process and provide efficient, enhanced and improved treatment solutions to their patients.


Patients’ satisfaction if the integral part of the medical industry and of course the lifeline for any health-related business or initiative. Personal wellness if the priority of most of us and this is the reason digging the most efficient ways to improve health conditions is the need of the hour. Mobile apps for Healthcare is one those tools which are being used by one in three health-conscious people and ailing patients. So, how do these apps help them and what has been made easier for them, is what we are about to take your through.

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyle

Health consciousness is not just sufficient to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is human nature that we do not act on unless we are enticed enough by a third party to jolt us down on our faults and flaws of our routines or our existing health conditions.

Mobile Healthcare apps have gone an extra mile to promote healthy lifestyle and have not just got stuck on counting your steps or pulse rate. Contemporary health and wellness apps offer a blend of physiological tracking, traditional health monitoring, and lifestyle management. Devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit and many more have reminders that can be set and progress target features to help you monitor your daily workout and even the nutrition intake.

Some apps help new parents to track the growth of the newborn. The world is waiting for the apps that can detect the infection, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in a human body.

Medication Management

It is often a pain to manage the medication, especially for those who are too busy with their daily chores of work. Some diseases like diabetes, dementia, blood pressure and others demand strict schedules for medications.

Some apps provide easy pill reminders and medication tracking in a day for you. The apps also record your pill consumption once you feed your prescription. There are reminders of times when your medicines are exhausted and it’s time to buy a new set as well. These apps also help the physicians to track the medication and make sure that the medicines are being taken without any adverse reaction on the patient.

Quick Access to Medical Reports

Collection of medical reports from diagnostic centers one of the most tedious task for anyone. Adding to it was the pain of carrying these reports to the doctors or getting instant consultation on the same.

Mobile Apps like MyChart and others, make it easy for the patients to manage their health reports online. They can check the reports directly from the centers and the same can be shared with the doctors instantly. So, no more hassle picking up reports from centers or carrying them to hospitals personally. Microsoft HealthVault App is another example when that keeps your reports safe and updated, reducing Physician-Patient communication gap.

Insurance Cover

Cashless medical insurance often becomes challenging at the last hour when you need a discharge from hospitals.

Carrying your medical insurance documents in these mobile apps is all you need to do. The process of insurance cover takes longer time, but the companies are coming onboard with these mobile apps for the convenience of the patients. This will save a lot of time and resources for companies as well as patients.

With rapidly growing mobile apps for Healthcare industry, the evolution of features is an ongoing process too. There are still some challenges that are not really being offered a solution to, by these apps. However, everyday new apps coming up that certainly working on finding a solution to these challenges every now and then.

If you have some amazing ideas for Healthcare apps, we at Intuz have the proficient team of app developers to help you out.

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Pratik Rupareliya

Written by

Techno-commercial leader heading Intuz as head of Strategy.



Intuz is a custom Mobile, Software, IoT, Blockchain and Cloud services company. Our passion for work reflects our values & produces delightful experiences for enterprises.

Pratik Rupareliya

Written by

Techno-commercial leader heading Intuz as head of Strategy.



Intuz is a custom Mobile, Software, IoT, Blockchain and Cloud services company. Our passion for work reflects our values & produces delightful experiences for enterprises.

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