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Sep 5, 2017 · 6 min read

The digital landscape has seen a lot of transformation in the past two decades. With the growth in the number of internet users, there has been an increase in consumption of digital content through various mediums. According to an estimate, the growth in number of smart phone users has led to an increase in number of mobile apps across platforms such as Android & iOS.

While Apple App Store has an app base of about 2 million, Google Play Store boasts of having the largest base with 2.2. Million mobile apps. In the large pool of mobile apps, it is really hard for a business to be discovered and get required momentum through app user engagement. Though it is estimated that about 52% individuals spend their digital time while browsing mobile apps, still engaging users to continue using mobile apps remains a challenge for app developers.

In order to improve app user engagement, an app developer/business must keep in mind that humans are dynamic in nature. So, ‘one size fits all’ formula can never work to increase app engagements. Still, there are some golden rules to improve app user engagements, some of which are being discussed underneath:

Delighting users with enlightening on-boarding experience

User on-boarding is an essential element of improving app user engagement. As first impression is considered as the last impression, same applies with a mobile app too. Making him aware about the benefits of using a particular mobile app during on boarding, just as he has installed the app makes him/her feel enlightened and special. This can cause significant improvement in app engagement score in the long run. Some promising startups & tech based businesses take on-boarding as an opportunity to create a long-lasting bond with a user. As on-boarding is the time when a user is keen on using the product, it has a significant impact on user journey.

Ptengine a web analytics tool make use of a modal series during on-boarding to let users complete a mission and set the goal early.

Similarly, Quora too, offers an enlightening experience during on-boarding and much after that through a to-do list for users that help them in improving their feed and help the company in driving continuous app user engagement.

Know more about App Onboarding in detail here in the article: App Onboarding: Don’t Just Inform Users, Engage Them Too

Offer contextual help to introduce advanced features

Informing users about the app features is a good thing, but bombarding him/her with all the info at once has the potential to make users avoid an app. It is always better to introduce users to relevant features contextually, as and when they need them. As users explore a mobile app, they come in touch with various functional aspects and that is the best time to introduce them to features that can improve their experience of using the app. Using tool tips, pop ups and help bots, an app can ensure delivering a better experience for users, making them use features as and when they need and become habitual to the app, over time.

Many tech-based organizations such as Google and Canva are effectively using these techniques to increase user delight that in turn improve app engagement over time. While Canva uses a tool tip to project how to create a new folder while enlightening user about the advantages of doing so, Google Drive uses a subtle icon to remind users about the explore feature.

The Explore Feature in Google Drive is persistently present in the form of an icon that helps a user in accessing research-related resources. But not at any stage forces the user to use it, making them accustomed and comfortable with interface, throughout.

Keep users engaged & informed through frequent but relevant app updates & push notifications

Updates and push notifications are an important aspect of keeping the ball moving in mobile app landscape. While mobile app updates help businesses in rolling out essential features to improve user experience, push notifications help them in reaching out to the potential buyers through mobile apps. There are multiple examples of mobile app updates and push notifications improving the user engagement, most relevant being the cases of social media websites.

Take help of cross platform integration

Having an app available across platforms increases the chances of improved user engagement over a long time. Modern users nowadays look forward to access features without being bound to a particular platform or media. So, by making an app available across platforms and mediums, and streamlining the user experience through required integration, app user engagements can be significantly improved.

Google has pioneered the concept of improving user engagement and making users habitual through cross platform integration. Using complementary products available across web and mobile devices, Google makes user habitual of its services. The Google Calendar’s Gmail-Calendar integration tool motivates web users to download the mobile calendar app and engage through it to access all important information while on-the-go.

Build in-app communities to promote social interaction

An app can be a great tool, but if a user does not find the reason to come back to it, it becomes hard to drive user engagement. In order to improve in-app time, apps can be inbuilt with features that promote social interaction through in-app communities.

Glow- a period tracker app built an in-app feature that provided health and lifestyle advice while encouraging users to build a community through discussion forums and polls. This made users come back again and again to the app, significantly improving app user engagement.

App user engagement is a burning topic that has worried tech ventures, startups and growing businesses, alike. Intuz, an established app development company, has an experienced and expert team of app developers and analytics technicians who are well-versed with proven techniques to improve app user engagements in short period of time. The company has delivered more than 1000 custom mobile apps over a period of time across Android & iOS platform. Also, the company has helped a number of apps in improving app engagement rates through insightful analytical assessment and suggesting remedial measures.

To get more idea about Intuz’s expertise and experience, log on to and get hold of best minds in the industry for your app development and app engagement improvement goals.

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Intuz is a custom mobile, software and cloud services company.Our passion for work reflects our values & produces delightful experiences for enterprises.

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Intuz is a custom mobile, software and cloud services company.Our passion for work reflects our values & produces delightful experiences for enterprises.

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