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May 2, 2017 · 5 min read

Google manages a wide range of product and service portfolio that is quite tough to maintain and improve. Well, it’s Google, nothing is impossible for them! They are paying equal attention to all of the entities as per their respective market strength.

In the last few days, Google has updated many of its apps to facilitate the users and developers with more advanced amenities. Let’s have a quick overview of the latest updates in various Google apps.

Google Classroom

Are you interested in knowledge gaining and sharing? Join Classroom, a popular platform of Google for education services. It’s a web-based tool that allows everyone to create and teach a class across all devices without a G Suite for education account. The app is also available to use on Android play store. Classroom doesn’t limit itself by providing tutorial articles or YouTube channel. People who are excited to share their knowledge can add resources, interact with students, and post tasks and assignment for them as they progress through the lessons.

Google Assistant

Initially, Google has launched its new Assistant for Pixel and Home. Gradually, the company has expanded its wings and started offering the Assistant for other platforms too. Now, they have launched a preview of the Assistant SDK for developers so that they can integrate it with their hardware.

With the help of Deeplocal, Google has created a colorful mocktail mixture powered by the AI. The users simply need to tell the Assistant what type of drink they want, and they can have it right up.

Google Trips


Several new updates released by Google for its highly popular travel planner app Trips. The app is available on both Android and iOS app stores. Along with flight information, now the app fetches bus and train reservation info from users’ Gmail accounts. Well, if the user has made any reservation in offline mode, then they can use “+” sign to add that information manually in the app to keep your schedule updated.

The app lets you share your travel information with your contacts. Moreover, apart from sharing information, the app helps you in planning out your activities across your destination in offline mode. To learn about the latest updates of Google Trips in brief, you can visit the article App of The Month — Plan Your Next Vacation with Google Trips!

Nighttime Photography

No camera phone is powerful enough to deliver high-quality pictures at night time. Florian Kainz, a Google researcher, tried to reduce the gap between the quality of photographs taken with the smartphone camera and the DLSR camera. He has created an app that helps Android users to click more clear pictures within the less ideal condition. Users can manually control the focus, exposure, and ISO that help Android users in taking photos with more light.

The app is tested in Google Pixel and Nexus 6P. The result was quite impressive. Unfortunately, the app is not available for users at this time. Let’s wait until it officially launches for public use. It’s just a processor intensive app and not a perfect solution. We can expect, Google will be introducing into Pixel in the near future.

Google Earth

All we know from the recent updates that Google Earth is now supported by the Chrome browser along with mobile and desktop applications. The app is available on iOS and Android platform. Obviously, all exclusive features of the app are accessible on various platforms and devices. Another update is, users can see the 3D map of selected locations. The app enables users to view more details about a particular landscape than the satellite view. Google Earth also contains a new section named Voyager that facilitates users with an interactive tour of exciting places replete with rich media including Street View and 360-degree imaginary.

Google Auto-Translated

Google is releasing many updates in its search and maps services. The most sensational one is, it becomes easy for travelers to find out the best destinations to visit and things to do in an unknown city. For example; Google Trips facilitates travelers to check out the reviews of locals and accordingly decide the places to visit, stay, eat, and drink. Google has also introduced multilingual support so users can have all the information in their native language.

YouTube Kids

The famous YouTube Kids app is now available on a few smart TVs of different companies such as Samsung, LG web OS, and Sony. Now, children can enjoy watching their favorite shows and videos on the big screen. It is one of the best products from Google that is specially designed for children and contains kid-friendly curated content. YouTube Kinds app is available on Android as well as iOS. The app has 8 million active viewers on a weekly basis from 26 counties

Google PhotoScan

With Google PhotoScan, you can snap glare free pictures with just one tap. When you have appropriate lighting, you can turn off glare removal and simply scan the print in one step. The app is available to download on both Android and iOS. Well, you can avail the regular benefits of PhotoScan such as image straightening, rotating, cropping, edge detections, to the correct orientation.

Start using the app if you didn’t use any one of the above listed and enjoy the amazing updates offered by Google.

As, app development is our passion, we stay updated with the newly launched apps and latest updates on the popular mobile apps. It helps us in tracking the upcoming trends of the mobile development industry and improve our skills to address the future challenges. To get interesting information about recently launched apps and updates, stay tune with our official blog.

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Intuz is a custom mobile, software and cloud services company.Our passion for work reflects our values & produces delightful experiences for enterprises.

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Intuz is a custom mobile, software and cloud services company.Our passion for work reflects our values & produces delightful experiences for enterprises.

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