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Mobile App Marketing Agency Makes the Difference to Your App Success

Gone are the days, we said online presence is essential. We’ve gone way further now. Yes, the world has gone mobile and hence, a strong mobile presence is highly crucial, in this era. Subsequently, the mobile-first approach has attained a paramount importance today, in every endeavor of a company.

This way, a successful app becomes indispensable for a business, to reap the best out of their lead generation; brand promotion; marketing; etc. Talking about app success, there’s one prominent question you need to answer. To hire a mobile app marketing agency? Or, build an in-house team, for that?

Here, we’re going to ponder right upon that aspect!

Factors Defining your App Success

Well, let’s get started by looking on to the various components that endorse the fathom of your app success. There are basically three main factors:


No matter how many features or benefits you provide in your app, there must be a definite core purpose of putting out an app. It might be for showcasing your new launches, for marketing and promotions, or improved customer experience to your business or anything else. Features apart from the core purpose can be the complimentary benefits.

Target Audience

Deducing your target audience and their base involves an extensive market research. You’ll have to make it a point that the app is desirable for the focused crowd. When it’s tailor-made for your target audience, your app success is heightened.

User Experience

This is very crucial for an app to retain its users and keep them engaged. The app should be user-friendly, with fascinating designs, intuitive features incorporation and be serviceable for the users. If the users find it difficult to utilize the app for the purpose; then there’s no point in creating one at all. Thus, you need to consistently analyze and evaluate the variegated convenience issues, they face.

Should You Do it on Your Own?

Entrepreneurs today, are undoubtedly agile and vibrant, daring to try out things on their own. However, you’ll need the time, knowledge, required toolsets and familiarity, to do it successfully. App marketing is something that needs expertise, to achieve the desired establishment, in the desired timespan.

There is a gamut of operations, associated with a successful mobile app marketing expeditions, such as:

· Shrewd keyword research.

· Selection of right channels.

· Strategizing for different channels.

· Channeling content flow.

· Devoting the right influencers.

· And most importantly, App Store Optimization (ASO).

A valid argument is that none else understands your business, its aspirations, and processes, perfectly than yourself. And the same goes to the app marketing business too!

Intuz has fostered development and disbursal of numerous of successful apps, being into mobile apps for over 8 years. Such an exposure will only intensify the app success in any industry, in a considerably shorter span than a budding marketer.

The Differences a Mobile App Marketing Agency Makes

As mentioned, specialization and expertise mark professionalism, as far as app marketing is concerned. A dedicated marketing agency will address exactly the pain points and will also forecast vulnerabilities, to adopt pre-emptive measures.

Accordingly, you can entail the following differences, when handled by the right personnel:

Types of devices

Android and iOS, aren’t the only difference, apps must look on. Today, they’re expected to be adaptive to a wide range of smartphone/tablets and other devices.

Workflow is strategized

Apps involve remunerating data from multiple systems, to complete an action. A potent agency, ensures seamless enterprise integration, between databases and financial systems into the app.

Data is secured

As data must flow across networks, clouds and devices, it can become vulnerable to security issues. This is addressed, emanating and maintaining a robust data security policy.

Continuous engagement

Obviously, the very first intention for an app is ‘download’. But, it’s also equally important that the apps are continually engaging, rather than being dormant on the phone.

Beneficial Outcomes

Thence, a mobile app marketing agency is capable of instituting prudent turnarounds. Directionally, the functionalities, utilization, and outreach, of an app can be evidently strengthened. But, businesses are more concerned about the actual outcomes, instead of technical excellence.

In actuality, all the transformations it embarks are broadly focused on practical results, such as:

App Installs —

As enunciated previously, the number of downloads and installs, is the fundamental metrics to illustrate the app success. Hence, a boost in the numbers, is the primary benefit, you avail.

App Reviews & Ratings

When the said shifts are in place, it encourages users to rate; and even to put up a piece of review for your app. This, in turn, helps to fetch new users.

Branding & Outreach via social media

Utilizing social media is shrewdly improved, for prolific results. It has turned to be the righteous avenue for publicizing.

App Store Rankings

This ranking is certainly proportional to your apps’ visibility, credibility and reach. When all the above factors are stimulated perfectly, it’ll automatically improve the app store rankings.

Factors to consider while hiring app marketing agency –

  • Check the company website in deep
  • Have a look at their past work
  • Don’t forget to look for client testimonials
  • Check which communication medium they are using
  • Ask for their pricing structure

Various App marketing activities that Agencies can help you with -

App store optimization

With the best app store optimization technique, you can increase your visibility in app stores by taking your app on the highest rank in the search results. This will make people have a look at your app in the first look and they can download it instantly.

Pre-launch marketing

With an appropriate pre-launch marketing strategy, you can generate some excitement around your targeted audience before the app launch. This will add curiosity among people and when the final launch will be done then they will be immediately clicking on the buy button.

Competitor’s analysis

The real motto of competitive’s analysis is to find out and evaluate all the strategies, strengths, and weaknesses of competitors if they are similar to our product or service. Competitive analysis is undoubtedly an important part of the company’s marketing plan.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing pays its full attention to key leaders for driving your brand’s message over the large market. It has been estimated that 80% of marketers think influence marketing if effective. 71% of marketers say that the traffic and quality customers which they receive from influencer marketing are fast better than any other marketing strategy.

QR codes marketing

QR codes marketing helps get all the important information just by accessing the smartphone. The process named mobile tagging, in this process the smartphone’s owner scans the QR code from their phone and then opens a barcode reader app that works in conjunction with the camera of the phone.

Bottom Lines

Clearly as an institutional discipline, leaving the relevant processes to the pertinent ventures will definitely fetch extensively prolific results. In the increasingly competitive world, you wouldn’t want to lose the hold of a potentially fruitful endeavor. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make use of a competent mobile app marketing agency, to boost your app success.



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