Hello Developers !

I founded Invaana, with a vision of bridging the gaps between sciences and technologies. As part of our missions, We have developed a Collaborative Scientific Research Platform for Scientists and Developers — invaana.com .

But there are more things we have in pipeline which involves building web-tech for the scientists. The aim is to help them build more secure, powerful and robust web applications, that will make their life and innovation much simpler.

We want to help the inventors, by making their tech simple.
We always believe the simpler, the better! So we are building frameworks, biolerplate codes, tutorials that are more simple to use, there by increasing the speed and efficiency of building tools and technology

All the codes are open-sourced and are freely available at GitHub. If you are excited to know more about the developement happening at Invaana, visit our developer site developers.invaana.com.

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